Reference # 43336

Location: New York, NY

Job Title: Senior Designer

Type of Opportunity: Freelance

Senior Designer

Are you a freelancer who loves working with sports clients?

We are working with a highly visible sports brand and helping them build a cutting-edge rooster of talent for their upcoming 4-6 week projects. The type of projects will vary: from event graphics, and VIP event collateral, to sport branding and merchandise design. 

What they look for in portfolios:

Fresh portfolios that show current and innovative graphic design work

Strong illustration projects for well known brands

Engaging key art for large events

Smart branding projects that showcase strong sense of typography

Fun apparel graphics

This in-house team is one of the best we have seen. They collaborate well and the work they produce is incredible. They push eachother to create the best work and the final outcomes are so impressive.