• Artisan Talent Wins 2015 Best of Staffing


    We’re pleased to announce… We’ve been selected as the winner of  Inavero’s 2015 BEST OF STAFFING® CLIENT AND TALENT AWARDS Artisan Talent a leading employment agency in the digital marketing and creative staffing industry announced today they have won Inavero’s Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to their clients and …

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  • New Girl on the Block: Hypnotic Cinemagraphs

    Advertising continues to change as formats evolve. What was once the most effective and innovative ad is no longer the flashy new thing. While many companies still use TV commercials, radio spots and newspaper ads, there is a new format hitting the industry, and the shiny new ads are called cinemagraphs. With the continuing popularity …

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  • Trendy Interview Styles for 2015


    Already included in the hiring arsenals of many corporate offices, the top four interviewing trends for 2015 are gaining favor with small to mid-sized companies seeking greater flexibility, decreased costs, and better hiring decisions. Here are four trendy types to try for hiring your next candidate: Trend 1: Behavioral Interviews Also known as competency interviews, …

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  • Focused Interview Questions to Ask Creatives


    As American companies continue to move away from the fixed labor costs of a permanent staff toward the variable cost of hiring temporary and freelance workers, HR professionals need to become better at interviewing creative hires. According to Forbes, by 2020 almost 50% of the American workforce will work as freelancers, and most of these …

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  • Interviewing for a Social Media Job


    The ever growing popularity of social media campaigns continues to create fantastic opportunities for job seekers. An increasing number of companies understand the need to incorporate social media into their marketing campaigns, but often lack the ability to successfully implement such campaigns themselves. This lack of knowledge leaves openings for people who are skilled in …

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  • 5 Crazy Creative Ways to Get the Job


    The trick to landing that dream job in your creative field is standing out… in your field… preferably with a proverbial giant neon billboard blinking over your head that says, “I rock! Hire me!” But if you don’t have the neon billboard, here are some other ways job candidates have been able to tackle employers …

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  • Resume Hacks


    Making your resume stand out on a hiring managers desk is no easy task, but with a few tips and tricks you can keep your CV looking fresh and constantly updated. Here are some simple resume hacks to help you create a stellar resume: DIY Template: Don’t use one of those oh so obvious, yet …

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  • How to Develop an Effective Job Skills Portfolio


    Developing an effective job skills portfolio means adapting your presentation to the type of job you seek. If you are searching for employment in the graphic design field, you want a real show-and-tell portfolio. If you are looking for an office job, your portfolio will focus on your office skills and previous employment. Graphic designers …

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  • Make LinkedIn Work for Your Job Search


    If one of your New Year’s resolutions was getting a new job, rethinking your LinkedIn strategy is a super place to start. Founder and CEO of the Human Workplace, Liz Ryan, says that you can get a lot more out of LinkedIn than just a static social resume parking spot. If you put these steps …

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  • 5 Reasons to Use a Digital and Creative Staffing Agency to Find Your Next Employee


    Time to deconstruct the leaning tower of ancient software manuals and dust off the desk for that web guru or graphic designer you’ve always wished you could hire? Right? Of course, right! But the ad posting, interviews, background checks… you don’t want to spend all that time and money on someone who might not be …

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