• The coming social media video marketing transformation


    If you’re not already convinced that creating and posting video content on social media has the power to establish brand and transform a company’s performance, then you haven’t been paying attention. Either that, or maybe you just haven’t heard some of the most compelling statistics to back up that assessment. Here’s a quick, compelling read …

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  • Essential skills to include on your resume


    If you’ve done your homework on all of the various in existence methods of improving your resume, you’re no doubt well aware of the importance of listing out your skills – all the better for a hiring manager or human resources specialist to get an idea of what you’ll bring to their company in a …

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  • How to nail a phone interview


    Phone interviews are tricky because they have a way of lulling you into a false sense of comfort. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as relaxed as talking to a prospective employer from the comfort of your living room in your shorts and t-shirt. But if you want to improve your chances of landing the …

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  • What to do if you don’t hear back on a job


    One of the toughest parts about looking for a job is knowing when to be a pest and knowing when to give it time. Everyone’s been there. You pull off what you consider to be the best interview of your life, float all the way home on cloud nine, and settle down beside the phone …

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  • Does your resume really need an objective?


    The modern resume seems to be in an eternal, ever-changing state of flux. What everyone yesterday thought was an absolute essential inclusion to the resume is suddenly old news, superfluous, and in some cases a bad idea. Including an objective in your resume may not fall into the latter category of “bad” – but according …

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  • Secrets of the Social Media Resume & Developing Your Personal Brand


    If you’ve never seen Philippe Dubost’s online resume, widely considered to be one of the most unique in existence, then you may not know the extent to which anyone can use the internet to market themselves professionally. Dubost is a web product manager who employed his skills and inventiveness to create a webpage that looks …

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  • The Job Hunt Market Just Went Mobile


    The future of job hunting is here, and you’re probably holding it in your hand right now. Or at least sitting within a few inches of it. You know that handy-dandy mobile device you’re always using to call your folks, text your friends, check your email and browse the web? It has now officially become …

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  • Signs Your Resume/Portfolio Needs a Makeover


    Every so often, it’s good to take a long hard look in the mirror and reevaluate your job search tools. Especially if you’re having a tough time landing that highly coveted freelance web designer job you know could kick your career up to the next level. Before you throw in the towel and resign yourself …

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  • Filling Employment Gaps with Strategic Volunteering


    Searching for employment is hard enough without having to explain job gaps on your resume. But explain you must, especially if you want to come off looking like a valuable commodity. It’s no secret that unexplained spells between jobs stick out like a sore thumb and are one of the first things that potential employers …

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  • Walking Identified as Key to Creativity


    The next time you’re in the mood to take some time away from work and have a nice long walk instead, you can do so without guilt. According to information gathered in a recent Stanford University study, walking can have a dramatically beneficial impact on your creativity. To some of the most creative minds in …

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