• 10 Tips for Video Marketing Success


    Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research says one measly minute of online video is worth 1.8 million words. (Amazon’s now-missing Text Stats tool once figured that the average novel ran about 64,000 words). Add over 188 million Americans watching nearly 53 billion online videos; with so many words and so many eyeballs watching so many …

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  • Ease Your Burden with Top-Notch Creative Talent


    Being the director of a creative project is the apex of creative freedom for many people. As director, you get to control the process, the workflow, and the final outcome. All of that power comes with equal responsibility, though, which is why creative directors often find themselves so bogged down in the details that they …

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  • The Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media to Network


    Maintaining a steady stream of freelance employment means maintaining a quality client list, and keeping yourself in the eye of prospective employers. The popularity of social networking has made both of these things easier than ever before. Networking through social media had numerous potential pitfalls, though. Follow these dos and don’ts to keep yourself swinging …

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  • How to Turn Short-Term Work into a Long-Term Job


    As a freelancer, you’re blessed with the freedom to move from job to job, which means you regularly get to experience new people and things. The downside is that you’re constantly seeking new employment, and sometimes seem to spend as much time looking for work as you do actually working. One way to ease the …

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  • Don’t Post That! 4 Social Media Activities to Avoid


    For many, the advent of social media is the best thing since the online job search board. It can be used to great effect to zero in on employment opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to and to network. But the visibility of social media can also work against your professional life. Social media posts …

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  • Instagramming Your Way to Serious Visibility


    Instagramming is an effective social media campaign for making an organization more visible to customers, and often comprises part of that organization’s digital strategy. Many Fortune 500 companies rely heavily on Instagram to promote brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks and Whole Foods. Instagramming is also an important part of social media for small …

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  • Don’t just delegate. Delegate well.


    Delegation is key to success on any major project. No one person can do everything, and putting the right team in place is one way for a project manager to ensure a project gets done on time and on budget. For those big breakthroughs that bring you in ahead of time and under budget, the …

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  • Debunking the “Personal Brand” Myth


    The concept of developing a strong “personal brand” is one that’s gained a lot of traction in recent years. It’s become one of the key elements espoused by career advice experts who are quick to remind you that these days, having a good resume and solid work history sometimes just isn’t enough to get you …

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  • Your Road-Map to a Freelance Graphic Design Career


    If you are considering making a career change and branching out into a freelance graphic design career, how can you get started? If you have no graphic design training or experience, what do you need to do to add this to your repertoire of services offered? Looking to add graphic design to your list of …

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  • Creating a Killer Logo


    Graphic designers tasked with creating eye catching logos for their clients should know one thing above all others: no computer software program in the world is a replacement for good, old fashioned creativity. Logos are all about concept. Seldom does their success have anything to do with technical abilities. Coming up with a killer logo …

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