• The Job Hunt Market Just Went Mobile


    The future of job hunting is here, and you’re probably holding it in your hand right now. Or at least sitting within a few inches of it. You know that handy-dandy mobile device you’re always using to call your folks, text your friends, check your email and browse the web? It has now officially become …

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  • Signs Your Resume/Portfolio Needs a Makeover


    Every so often, it’s good to take a long hard look in the mirror and reevaluate your job search tools. Especially if you’re having a tough time landing that highly coveted freelance web designer job you know could kick your career up to the next level. Before you throw in the towel and resign yourself …

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  • Filling Employment Gaps with Strategic Volunteering


    Searching for employment is hard enough without having to explain job gaps on your resume. But explain you must, especially if you want to come off looking like a valuable commodity. It’s no secret that unexplained spells between jobs stick out like a sore thumb and are one of the first things that potential employers …

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  • Walking Identified as Key to Creativity


    The next time you’re in the mood to take some time away from work and have a nice long walk instead, you can do so without guilt. According to information gathered in a recent Stanford University study, walking can have a dramatically beneficial impact on your creativity. To some of the most creative minds in …

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  • Lessons Learned from the Coolest Online Resume Ever


    A tiny Lego-like man drops from the flat blue sky and leaps among Manhattan skyscrapers like a hoops player who’s bouncier than a basketball. He swims just out of reach of packs of orange piranhas with serious underbites, bright red lobsters with open claws and blinky-eyed sea turtles. On dry land again, he sails up …

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  • Why You Need a Good Keyword Plan (and How to Form One)

    Imagine the Internet as a vast mine. In a way, it is – a mine filled with words and data. A website is a diamond in that mine, buried beneath meters and meters of metamorphic rock. If visitors know about the diamond, they might search high and low at the prospect of untold wealth. If …

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  • Facebook Brand Marketing Gets More Difficult


    Recent news from the business world is sending brands and social media mavens alike into fits of instability regarding the potential loss of Facebook as a free advertising tool. In recent articles from Bloomberg Businesweek and other sources, it’s being reported that Facebook has plans in the works that could decrease the percentage of visibility …

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  • How to monetize your mobile apps


    Monetizing mobile apps is a great way for mobile developers to gain a good revenue stream as well as a potential source of funding for future products. Unfortunately, many developers often find themselves in the dark when it comes to effectively optimizing their apps for mobile advertising. Making Mobile Apps Work for You According to …

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  • Fine Tuning your Video Marketing Strategy


    Whether you’ve dipped your big toe in the video marketing waters or dove in headfirst, to remain competitive in today’s global environment, businesses can’t ignore the benefits of a sound video marketing strategy. According to the Pew Research Internet Project , the number of adult individuals who download or view online videos continues to rise. …

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  • What all successful content curators share in common


    There are three kinds of content curators in the world: those who do it poorly, those who do okay at it, and those who blow everyone else out of the water with their awesomeness. Needless to say, you want to belong to the latter camp. But getting there’s no cakewalk. In order to gain the …

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