• 4 Tips For Your Next Networking Event


    In late 2014, a U.S. News & World Report article stated that 70% of job seekers landed their new role through networking. If you’re looking for a  job, it means using every opportunity to search. Social media is a great tool and sites like LinkedIn are perused by recruiters and HR Managers daily. But are those business-sponsored networking events worth visiting? …

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  • 5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Freelance Client


    Photo by Alejandro Escamilla As a freelancer, your talent offers you a wide range of opportunities for creative and challenging work. And whether your specialty is graphic design, marketing, or some other creative field, you possess a skill set that can be highly valuable to businesses and organizations. Of course, your talent is not your only asset–so are …

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  • How Light Reading Can Give You a Competitive Edge


    For designers, one of the biggest challenges you face is that you probably spent the majority of your college days studying design. This is well and good, but being a good designer is only one part of being a successful designer. Without the knowledge of social engineering, marketing and the arts, you can only ever …

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  • Build a Better Brand Experience


    Your brand is your business. It inspires how people feel about your company, influences their buying decisions, compels them to action, and creates emotional connections that cause them to prefer your brand over and over again. A brand is an experience. It can be emotional, sensory, or visual. A great brand inspires. It creates feelings …

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  • Quick Lesson: Resizing and Creating Graphic Designs for Print


    There are three main ways to resize items from the Adobe Suite to fit onto a print-sized product. Using these, it’s possible to resize images intricately and to fit them to the product in high resolution. 1. Using Vectors The benefit to vectors being used for print is that they can be resized without losing …

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  • SlideShare: Make Your Presentation Pop


    Giving a presentation? It’s your job to keep people’s attention, but in our world of consistent sensory input, that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do. Winning over the hearts and minds of a distracted audience requires a killer presentation that makes both eyes and ears perk. Here are 5 elements to incorporate in every PowerPoint presentation …

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  • The “Magic Question” All Interviewees Should Ask


    At the end of every interview, the question comes: “Do you have any questions for me?” The interviewer stares at you expectantly and you’re left to rack your mind for an answer. You need a question that seems clever, insightful and unique. You can’t ask a question that’s already been answered during the interview and …

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  • Creating Infographics to Get You Business


    What exactly is an infographic and why is it so effective? An infographic is, really, any representation of data in a creative and interesting way, displayed in a single easily shared image. The goal of an infographic is both to inform and entertain. It should be aesthetically pleasing and accurate and it should make it …

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  • Starting Out As a Freelancer: Getting Your First Job


    Photo by Life-of-Pix Starting out as a freelancer can be daunting, but with the right portfolio and education to back you, you will get that first job sooner than you think. Here are a few ways to make yourself stand out. Make Your Resume Stand Out Even if you don’t have education in writing, art, …

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  • New Tech: Managing Freelance Scheduling


    Photo from GetRefe.tumblr.com While you could always decide to write down your freelance hours in pen and paper, recording them as you go, there are more helpful alternatives that you can try. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just press a button and record yourself working? Wouldn’t it be great if time-stamped screenshots could show …

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