• Awesome Firefox Developer Tools (for Web Designers)


    Firefox has many tools that make designing websites highly efficient. However, you probably don’t know about the developer version of Firefox. Firefox Developer has awesome tools that further enhance the design process. Consider adding some of these tools to your design repertoire. Tools for Creating Webpages One awesome tool is the style editor. It allows …

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  • Update Your Resume: 3 Signs it’s time


    Every now and then it’s a good idea to reevaluate your job search tools. Even if you’re a passive job candidate, it never hurts to dust off your resume. Having a tough time landing that highly coveted job? Then it’s especially important. Take an honest look at your resume/portfolio and keep these 3 signs in …

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  • 23 Quick Tips for a Better Resume


    There’s no worst first impression than a bad resume. Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume before forming an opinion of you. So open up that word document and make sure you’re following these 23 tips to put your best “foot” forward. 1. Switch up your font: USA Today recommends switching …

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  • Clickable Wireframes and the User Experience


    What are clickable wireframes and why are they tied to the user experience? A UI designer routinely uses clickable wireframes to design a user interface in a manner that enhances the user’s experience. A wireframe is a visual representation of a website’s framework that allows the designer to arrange elements on each of the website’s …

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  • 9 Job Hunt Tips from Recruiters


    Want to make yourself stand out from the bunch when you’re applying for jobs? Our Artisan Talent Recruiters  have interviewed countless people and seen just about everything when it comes to applications, resumes, and job interviews. Whether you’re applying for an entry level job or are more than half way through your career – here …

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  • When You Feel Like the Least Competitive Candidate


    You’ve sized up the competition and you feel like the least competitive candidate.  You’ll probably end up in this situation at least once in your life. You send in your resume for a position that is clearly beyond your abilities — just to see what happens! — and are absolutely shocked when you receive a call …

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  • Juice up Your Cover Letter in 2015


    “If I hate a cover letter, I won’t even look at the resume,” says Katherine Goldstein of Slate Magazine—and she’s not alone. Potential employers don’t have time for sagas about milking yaks in Tibet and strings of clichéd buzz phrases—they don’t even care much about your GPA. So how do you make your cover letter …

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  • 6 Clever “After the Interview” Tactics


    Do you always wonder about the best after-the-interview follow up strategies? Follow ups are incredibly important — in fact, without them you can often be lost in a vast sea of potential candidates. But most hiring managers are going to receive dozens of follow up calls, emails and even physical cards. How do you differentiate …

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  • Freelance Vs. Fulltime: Which career path is right for you


    There are benefits to being a full-time worker versus being a freelancer, just like there are benefits to being a freelancer that you may never receive as a full-time worker. Which choice is the right career path for you? Here are a few of the benefits you can expect for each type of work along …

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  • How To Green Your Job Search


    The environment is important to you, so finding a “green” job can be too. There are a number of things you can do to make your search itself greener, and with the right questions, you can find employment with someone who appreciates Planet Earth as much as you. Here are three things to get you …

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