• It’s Time: Embrace Responsive Web Design


    Have you embraced Responsive Web Design yet? Responsive web design, or RWD, resolves many of the problems associated with today’s multi-device Internet viewing experience while streamlining the content creation process. RWD uses customized CSS implementations based on the dimensions of your web browser window’s dimensions instead of predetermined static sizes. This means developers can do things like stack …

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  • 4 Actions to Take Immediately After a Critical Interview


    All interviews are stressful, but there are some interviews that come by only once in a lifetime. Whether it’s an interview that you never thought that you could land or just an unbelievably perfect position for you, the interview process isn’t over when you walk out the door. 1. Send Your Follow Up and Thank …

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  • 4 Tips for Designing a Killer Business Logo


    It may look simple enough, but a lot of time and know-how goes into the creation of a successful logo. A good logo is something that your business really can’t do without, because of its role in your business’s branding and the establishment of a loyal customer base. These tips will help you design the …

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  • How to Keep Your Freelance Team on the Same Page


    Working with a team of freelancers can be more work that you expect. Not only does each person work independently and free of team restrictions, but you need to coordinate each person’s efforts to complete your project correctly and on time. Here’s a few tips on how to get everyone on the same page with …

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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Freelancers


    A creative staffing company like Artisan Talent can do a lot for your company. They can give you access to a large field of capable and experienced freelance talents. But the one thing that a freelance hiring solutions company can’t do for you is help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that companies …

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  • Approaching Freelancers: Long-Term Projects


    Long-term projects can be a holy grail for freelancers, but only when there is enough money and instruction to benefit them. Here’s a few ways to approach a freelancer about the job at hand, so you have a better chance of getting them on board. Start With the Payment Information Arguably the most important part …

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  • What To Do After You Bomb An Interview


    It happens to everyone at least once in their lives. Maybe you were unprepared. Maybe the interviewer was having a bad day. Maybe you were just off your game. Whatever the situation, you’re probably wondering — what happens next? Do you even have a chance? Take Stock of the Situation Take a deep breath and …

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  • 3 Fantastic Items for Your Web Design Toolkit


    There are several tools that work well for Web design projects, but some are better than others for shortening the creation process. Here are three that web design freelancers and clients should include in their design toolkits. 1. Rapid Prototyping Programs The first item to use for your web design projects is a rapid prototyping program. Rapid …

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  • SlideShow: Crazy Creative Ways to Get a Job


    The trick to landing that dream job in your creative field is standing out… in your field… preferably with a proverbial giant neon billboard blinking over your head that says, “I rock! Hire me!” But if you don’t have the neon billboard, here are some other ways job candidates have been able to tackle employers …

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  • How to Hire a Great Social Media Manager


    One of the most difficult parts about social media marketing is the commitment of time it takes to respond to inquiries from consumers, brainstorm relevant content ideas for posting and complete professional posts that boost brand image. Business owners need to really consider if they have the time, talent and market knowledge needed for successful …

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