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We’re experts at matching top talent to all kinds of hiring needs. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common digital, creative, and marketing positions – including what they do and what you should look for in an IT or creative job description.

List of Job descriptions

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3D Animator

It’s possible that a 3D Animator has one of the top ten coolest jobs in the visual arts. If you’ve been to see The Incredibles 2 or enjoyed the Harry Potter ride at Universal, you’ve seen the work of 3D Animators. A 3D Animator can bring our wildest imaginations to life – or our most scary nightmares. Here’s how to find a good 3D Animator Job Description.

Agency Account Manager

These pros need to keep projects moving so the customer – and the agency — are satisfied. Account Managers in an agency setting typically handle a handful of accounts and serve as the primary point of agency contact for their clients. Their job is to communicate both good and bad news to a client with tact and aplomb. To answer questions, and make certain they receive what they asked for as part of their agency contractual agreement. Need to write an Agency Account Manager job description? Learn more about writing an Agency Account Manager job description.

AI Data Engineer

Data engineers work with AI Product Managers to build new AI projects from the ground up using available data. Learn more about an AI Data Engineer Job Description

AI Ethicist

Not everyone is psyched about AI (especially around copyright infringement). But what if you could get paid to fix these issues and ensure that AI is compliant for the next generation? Now you can be a part of the solution. AI Ethicists are familiar with psychological, philosophical, and legal issues and most likely have a background in data science, philosophy, or a similar field. They work with AI Engineers to ensure AI delivers outputs that are consistent and compliant with human morality and Internet law. Other job titles for AI Ethicist may also include “AI Ethics Officer,” “Chief Ethics Officer.”
AI Ethicist Job Description

AI Prompt Engineer

An AI Query Writer (sometimes also known as an AI prompt engineer) is responsible for crafting questions for generative AI and teaching the AI in question to respond and refine its answers through prompt generation. Depending on the company or brand you are working with, you’ll help mold the voice and results to better suit your customers and the brand.
AI Prompt Engineer (Or AI Query Writer) Job Description

AI Product Manager (OR AI Machine Manager)

If you’re already a product manager who works on the development of apps or general UX, you might want to look into advancing your career into working with AI products. There are many transferable skills and you’ll be able to dive deeper into the exciting world of AI.
AI Product Manager (OR AI Machine Manager) Job Description

AI Trainer

The AI Trainer is an open-minded, multi-talented individual who is sensitive to the nuances of interpersonal communication and adept at writing conversations. They must feel comfortable working with customers, as well as with new technologies. AI Trainer Job Description

Animation Specialist (Animator)/Motion Graphics Designer

An Animation Specialist is sometimes called a Motion Graphics Designer. Sometimes an Animation Specialist is called a Video and Motion Graphics Artist, and it’s true that both roles are very similar. Generally, an Animation Specialist can also just be called the shorter title of Animator. However, all of these roles encompass one specific task: creating a graphic or a 3D model and making it move (there are also 3D Animators too — confused yet?). Learn more about an animation specialist job description here.

Application (App) Developer

If you touch a computer, you have the work of app Developers at your fingertips. App Developers make the software behind our daily digital activities, whether it’s a phone app, a game, or a website. These talented professionals write the codes that powers our digital products and run some of the tools we use every day. Their goal is to create software applications that are so seamless and well written that the product weasels it’s way into your daily life and becomes something you can’t live without. Learn more about Application (App) Development job description.

Art Director

Whether creating a new style guide, a campaign for an established brand, or a groundbreaking interactive project, Art Directors combine a deep immersion in design principles, an intuitive sense of style, and a full knowledge of markets and technologies to create engaging and unforgettable work. Art Director jobs require a working knowledge of Adobe Create Suite and various coding languages, superb organization and team-building skills, and years of experience in various aspects of the business. Learn more about writing an Art Director job description.

Back End Developer

The job is all about the minute detail found in software utilities. The Back End Developer is a source code specialist, at the beginning of a customized website design process, and they are crucial to getting your project off the ground. If you surf a website, you will not see the work of this specialist, but you wouldn’t be able to access the website without their work. Learn more about Back End Developer job description.

Branding Designer

A Branding Designer is an experienced visual communicator who is driven by a passion for design. In this kind of role, you will be responsible for creating compelling designs bringing the company’s brand to life. Working from an established brand design system, you will develop, expand and solidify design guidelines, providing clear guidance on how to best utilize the system. You’ll create original brand designs from creative brief to implementation that push the creative envelope and create templates to ensure that every iteration that goes out into the world is pixel perfect. Branding Designer Job Description

Brand Manager

Brand Managers oversee any aspect of marketing that has to do with a company’s brand, and ensure that all branding decisions ultimately result in stronger sales. To achieve that alignment, brand managers tend to work with multiple areas of marketing, like research, content, social, and design. While marketing handles the individual campaigns that promote the brand and generate brand engagement, the Brand Manager is responsible for creating the brand itself, preserving a brand’s success over time and boosting the reach of the products in the market. They also monitor marketing trends as well as keep an eye on competitive companies in the marketplace so they can stay ahead of competition. Brand Manager Job Description

Campaign Manager

Campaign Managers are expert strategists, strong problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and negotiators. They must also be exemplary leaders and elite communicators, able to foster a positive and successful work environment where employees feel guided and supported.
Campaign Manager Job Description

Creative Director

Creative Directors understand client needs, user experience, and available technologies. They organize creative teams to make the hard work of producing blockbuster campaigns look like magic. To perform well, a Creative Director requires proficiency in design softwares, knowledge of the creative vision to develop the right look and feel, and exceptional communication and management skills. Learn more on writing Creative Director job description.

Creative Services Director

If it’s creative, the Creative Services Manager can handle it. Their job is similar to a Product Manager but the “product” being managed is the creative process itself. The Creative Services Manager role is sometimes called a Creative Services Director, but the duties are the same. Find out what makes this role different from Product Managers and why you might need a good creative services manager job description here.


Great Copywriters use the power of the word to drive audiences to action. Whether a copywriting job requires an unforgettable concept, a punchy headline, or an email that converts, a Copywriter can translate a brand’s core identity into the right call to action. The best copywriters are also great collaborators because they are, above all, keen listeners. Learn more about writing a Copywriter creative job description.


Front End Developer, Front End Developer, or Back End Developer

Community Manager

Community Managers are your online voice to the world.  The role requires strong writing and communications skills, social media and public relations experience. The Community Manager manages and leads a company’s front-line communication efforts including strategy, content creation, PR, social communication, analytics, and more. Don’t leave this vital role to an overworked employee from another department. Hire dedicated Community Managers to handle all your social needs today. Learn more about how to write a Community manager job description.

Content Manager/Content Strategist

A Content Manager, or Content Strategist,  is like Bigfoot – you may think they exist but they’re hard to spot. That is probably because combining the concept of a Content Copywriter or Manager with a Strategist role is sort of new. But it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Here’s what to write in a content manager job description.

CRM Marketing Specialist

Managing the relationship with a customer is one of the most important concerns of any business, no matter its size. The better the relationship with the customer, the more they buy. Today, many businesses manage their customer relationships through the use of software designed specifically to track the contact between customer, business teams, and brand itself. These platforms are called, appropriately, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and the talented people who manage the technology to improve marketing within a company are called CRM Marketing Specialists. Find a CRM Marketing specialist job description here.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are all about the numbers. In the same way that an Archeologist sifts through the soil to get to the fossil within, data analysts sift through statistical information to understand its significance to a particular field. The Data Analyst collects data, sorts it into categories, and then interprets it. Their job forms the basis for strategic decisions that affect the world we live in every day.  Business and industry leaders look to the data analyst to understand the numbers – and how to use them. Read further on Data Analyst job description.

DevOps Engineer

What is a DevOps? A DevOps Engineer combines developing with IT operations to improve code deployments. The computer geeks love to help IT teams make all the moving parts work together more efficiently. They are the change management professionals of the IT world who also do all the normal things programmers do, like coding, playing video games, and eating pizza. A DevOps Engineer sits precisely at the intersection between developers who write the programs that make our software run and the IT network professionals behind the scenes that maintain the computers and servers that the programs run on. DevOps Engineer job description

Digital Asset Manager

The Digital Asset Manager handles everything related to digital assets, including acquiring, cataloging, and protecting them. This could include MP3 music files, pictures, and on-premise or online files. It could encompass financial data, intellectual property, or marketing materials. It could even include digital files converted to print formats. But the Digital Asset Manager is more than just a big geek overseeing information and data in all its forms. While the role requires sharp analytical skills, it is the crossover skills tied to people and how they interact with digital technologies that are equally important. Learn more about a Digital Asset Manger job description here.

Data Visualization Manager

The Data Visualization Manager is expert at bringing complex data to life with easy to understand and visually compelling design. A UX and Interaction design whiz, they work with other teams and multi-task on projects to summarize and synthesize data and present recommendations to the businesses in a clear and logical manner. Learn more about Data Visualization Managers

Digital Content Writer

For someone who wants to make a living as a Writer, it’s important to think about what kind of career you want. The world is filled with content these days, but the type of content and where the content is published helps define the job. Learn More about digital content writer job description.

Digital Marketing Manager

The title “Digital Marketing Manager” is a new one, although the skills needed to do the job are as old as the internet. That’s because digital marketing managers take charge of a company’s online promotional efforts. If it’s digital, these marketing managers know it, love it, and have mastered it to the nth gigabyte. Here’s how to write a digital marketing manager job description and to hire one of these pros!

Digital Project Manager

The Project Manager is crucial to helping a company prioritize the volume of minute details that make up a new product launch. They are involved in project planning and setting realistic deadlines while assisting in the realities of budgeting. Also, they have a hand in testing and reporting and they act as project staffers, gathering teams from IT, marketing, distribution and sales to implement an overarching business goal. Learn More about Digital Project Managers.

Digital Strategist

These professionals do so much more than spotting the latest trends. They help create them! Digital Strategists understand all of the digital touch points that a consumer interacts with every day. They create strategic advertising, communications, and marketing campaigns that use these touch points to their fullest effect, building a brand image across the digital space. Learn more about writing Digital Strategist job description.

Editor / Proofreader

A great Editor or Proofreader does more than catch grammatical errors – they hear a brand’s voice and keep communication consistent and effective, down to the smallest detail. Editor and Proofreader roles require an exacting eye, the ability to adapt to various house styles, and a written test. Learn more about writing an Editor/Proofreader job description.

Email Marketing Manager

Last year there were 3.7 billion people worldwide using email as a tool to communicate and by 2021, the number of users will expand to 4.1 billion. The world is filled with emails, and it takes a professional to manage all this activity. Thankfully, there are Email Marketing Managers that enjoy the job. Email Marketing Managers create, implement, track, and analyze email campaigns. Companies use email campaigns to do everything from selling products and services to helping with customer service and sending out subscriber information – and here is an email marketing manager job description.

Engagement Specialist

Basically, there are all kinds of jobs for Engagement Specialists and really, the only thing that connects all of these roles together, of course, is the term “engagement” in the job title. Whether the audience is a member, a client, or a candidate, the goal of the Engagement Specialist is to engage them in the success of the enterprise. Here are the skills and duties included in an Engagement Specialist job description.

Front End Developer (FED)

Front End Developers (FED) have a thorough knowledge of programming languages and technology. They take visual design and wireframe files and turn them into living, functioning websites. Developer jobs require close collaboration with creative teams on every aspect of building and launching a website, microsite, or mobile app. They research, develop, and test operating systems-level software. Read further about crafting a Front End Developer job description here. Front End Developers are sometimes inner-exchanged with Web Developers.

Graphic Designer

Art makes you feel something; design makes you do something. A great Graphic Designer combines brand standards, color theory, graphic elements, and typography to make audiences do both. Graphic design jobs require a strong background in design theory, hands-on skills in the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite, and a portfolio that spans various styles and industries. Need to write a graphic designer creative job description? Learn more about Graphic Designer job description.

Human Resource Manager

Human Resources Managers take care of your company’s most valuable assets: its people. Work simply will not get done without the workers behind the corporate name, so Human Resources Managers have a vitally important role in taking care of the people behind the business. Here are some common skills you need to have in an HR manager job description.


It’s rare to find an Illustrator in a full-time traditional role outside of an advertising agency or publishing house, but there are hundreds of freelance Illustrators just waiting to be commissioned. Freelance Illustrators build their client base project by project, expanding their portfolio while staying on top of the latest tools and technology and mixing both. Here are some common skills you need to have in an illustrator job description.

Industrial Designer

It’s a tricky job, but a good Industrial Designer can make a manufactured product “cool” or “sexy” enough to make you want to buy it. That makes these professionals in pretty high demand for manufacturing companies, retailers, engineering firms, and advertising agencies. Here are some common skills you need to have in an industrial designer job description.

Information Architect

An Information Architect organizes complex systems of information so that users can find exactly what they’re looking for. Daily tasks in Information Architect jobs can include user research; determining hierarchies of information and content flow; creating PDFs and spreadsheets in Visio, Omnigraffle, and Adobe Illustrator; and delivering taxonomies and wireframes. Read further about crafting an Information Architect job description.

Instructional Designer

Ever take an online course or training segment that made you immediately feel like a pro? You have an Instructional Designer to thank! We are living in a digital world, and more and more companies and educational institutions are looking for ways to present information to people in the digital arena. That’s where an Instructional Designer steps in. An Instructional Designer is the virtual Mr. Miyagi that creates the straightforward, easy-to-use educational materials that effectively prime the designated users. Click, wax-on; click, wax-off. Learn more about writing Instructional Designer job description.

Interaction Designer

Thomas J. Watson, the visionary father of IBM, once said, “Good design is good business.” An Interaction Designer puts that idea into practice by crafting a digital experience that is seamless and simple for all end users. Interaction Designer job description.

Magnet Excellence Professionals

Hiring professionals and finding the right fit for your Magnet Excellence Team is increasingly challenging in today’s tight healthcare labor market. Need help with your Magnet Excellence professional job description? From Copywriters to Graphic Designers, Project Managers, and Production Artists…we can help. Read on for more info on Magnet Excellence Professionals.

Marketing Analyst

A Marketing Analyst sifts through all the data for actionable insight. They help define the trends that shape how we build products and present them to consumers. In fact, a marketing analyst is a quiet presence behind many of the products you see on the web every day. You would do well to have one on your team. Here are some common skills you need to have in a Marketing Analyst Job Description.

Marketing Automation Manager

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate customer contact. It can save organizations a ton of time while keeping your brand top of mind even when there are a dozen other competing companies clamoring for the client’s attention.

Automating your company’s marketing efforts is a necessary process for organizational growth. It helps sales reps focus on what is important – selling, not sending a client a follow-up email. It can free up a recruiter’s time, too. Generally, automating a company’s marketing efforts can streamline workflows and extend your reach. Here are some common skills you need to have in an Automation Manager job description.

Marketing Manager

See Marketing Professional below

Marketing Professional

Marketing Professionals know how to communicate the value of a product, service, or brand to its ideal customers, and can turn a business transaction into a long-term relationship. The best Marketers combine rigorous data-crunching with a deep awareness of human behaviors and responses. Beyond conceptual thinking skills and market research, marketing jobs demand strategy, measurement, testing, and tech-savvy. Read more about how to write a Marketing Professional job description.

Marketing Resource Manager

A Marketing Resource Manager is the traffic cop for promotions. The job entails oversight of marketing projects within a company to help ensure that the work gets done. The role is jack-of-all-trades, requiring the Marketing Resource Manager to figure out what roadblocks are in the way of project completion. This professional within the marketing infrastructure must have the skills to troubleshoot to clear the road. Here are some common skills you need to have in a Market Resource Manager job description.

Marketing Technology Manager

A Marketing Technology Manager is, first and foremost, a technologist. Made up of one part IT geek and one part integrated marketing expert, this hybrid professional straddles the fence between both worlds, which today are really one and the same.

The rise of technology has shifted the focus of traditional Marketing Managers to include the embrace of new digital disruptors. This trend has changed marketing forever and has created a host of new roles that embrace traditional marketing tasks but in a digital format. Here are some common skills you need to have in a Marketing technology job description.

Media Analyst

If you love spreadsheets the way kids love ice cream on a hot day, consider a career path as a Media Analyst. These researchers pore over data for media campaigns. They serve as the backbone for any company seeking to use media to sell products or further a cause. A Media Analyst uses advertising data to determine which marketing channels are best for whatever they’ve been tasked with selling. The channels are varied: online advertising, print, television, radio, and more. There’s even data available on posters, banners, and billboards that are viewed on subways and buses, turnpikes and buildings. Here are some common skills you need to have in a Media Analyst job description.

Media Planner

A Media Planner systematically orchestrates placements of advertising content in any channel that reaches your audience, including television, print, radio, digital, out-of-home, etc. This role requires a certain element of creativity, coupled with organizational and research skills. The creative skill-set comes into play as the Planner works to develop a media strategy and plan that encompasses the furthest bang for your advertising buck. Read further on crafting Media Planner job description.

Media Buyer/Media Supervisor

A Media Buyer/Media Supervisor spends money wisely. These savvy advertising professionals are the real engine behind a company’s marketing and advertising efforts. Without them, all the energy and money you’ve sunk into sharing products with the world will simply not provide a ROI. Media Buyer/Media Supervisor job description.

Mobile Developer

Whether adapting an existing property or bringing a new brand into the mobile space, mobile developers know how to create applications and user experiences that are both simple and engaging. Coding, testing, debugging, documenting, and developing mobile experiences that work across various platforms (phones, tablets, etc.) are all part of increasingly important mobile developer jobs. Learn more about crafting Mobile Developer IT job description.

Mobile Marketing Manager

All the latest numbers point in one direction: our society has moved to “mobile first.” For example, we grab our mobile phones first, instead of a tablet, laptop, or desktop PC/Mac, for surfing the net. Any company that exists in a mobile-first society needs a Mobile Marketing Manager to develop strategies to improve the brand in this fickle, fast-paced digital medium. Mobile marketing manager job description.

Packaging Designer

A Packaging Designer makes you want to buy it. Think about it — a good package can make a product practically jump off the shelf and into your cart. If you go home, scratch your head and wonder what just happened, blame the Packaging Designer. Packaging Designer Job description.

PR Consultant

A Packaging Designer makes you want to buy it. Think about it — a good package can make a product practically jump off the shelf and into your cart. If you go home, scratch your head and wonder what just happened, blame the Packaging Designer. Packaging Designer Job description.

Presentation Specialist

A Presentation Specialist (also called Presentation Designers) can take complex information and present it in a visual form, making it easy to comprehend and to act upon. Presentation Designer/Specialist jobs require fluency in PowerPoint, Keynote, and the Adobe Creative Suite, and often involve working closely with various stakeholders on tight deadlines. Conceptual thinking skills and intuitive understanding of information architecture are musts. Discover how to write a great Presentation Specialist creative job description.

Who said print was dead? Certainly not the Print Production Coordinator/Manager whose primary job is to oversee the creation of the documents that you can touch and hold. Despite the prevalence of digital communications, these print-focused professionals still have a place in both corporate and agency settings. Print Production Coordinator/Manager job description.

Product Manager

Product Managers, well, manage products – physical or digital. This means they investigate and research developing new products and organize their distribution to the public. The product can be intangible or tangible including anything you might see at a retail outlet or technology including software and hardware. Find out how to craft a Product Manager creative job description.

Production Artist

Production Artists combine the instincts of a designer and the skills of an engineer, turning concepts into print-ready deliverables and understanding the full production process. These types of Production jobs require immersion in Adobe Creative Suite, a firm knowledge of the latest print and digital standards, and acute attention to detail. Read further on crafting a Production Artist creative job description.

Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, time, and scope, in order to maintain quality. A good Project Manager acts as project staffers, gathering teams from IT, marketing, distribution, and sales to implement an overarching business goal. Discover how to write a compelling Project Manager creative job description.

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Marketers know what content works on various platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to the latest emerging network. They know how to build a community around a brand, turning curious bystanders into customers and customers into advocates. They are quick to respond to crises and opportunities and can measure their results with the latest tools and metrics. When you take a Social Media Specialist job, you make yourself at home on the cutting edge of communication. Learn more about crafting a Social Media Specialist job description.

Social Media Content Creator

Social Media Content Creators are “out-of-the-box thinkers,” with expert knowledge of current trends and internet culture. Be a subject matter expert on social media trends and platform-native content creation, prioritizing video creation on TikTok and Instagram. Social Media Content Creator Job Description

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is a certified Internet culture vulture that has their finger on the pulse of online trends. Along with being up to date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends, the Social Media Manager has a working knowledge of pop culture and emerging creators. They are enthusiastic about innovative social content, skilled in creating original text and video content, and managing posts and responding to followers. The ideal Social Media Manager has a broad swath of skills, from managing a content calendar and tending to strategically-built communities, to ideating around larger social activations and pitching innovative content (specifically for emerging social-first brands.). Social Media Manager Job Description

Software Engineer

Software Engineers are big technology geeks. They like to build software, working in computer languages like JavaScript or C# all day long. But don’t be surprised when they go straight home to another computer screen and dial up a game or another application. Software engineers eat, sleep, and breathe in the technology space. Fortunately for them, there’s a lot of technology out there to play with. Software Engineer job description.

SEO Specialist

From keyword-rich copywriting to link building, SEO and SEM specialists know how to balance the needs of search algorithms and end users. Along with copywriting skills and marketing know-how, SEO Specialist jobs require strategic thinking, thorough research, and constant adaptation – what made a search engine happy last year could get a client penalized this year, and an SEO specialist understands know quickly this exciting new world can change. Find out more on writing an SEO Specialist job description.

Traffic Coordinator

Traffic Coordinators know every aspect of a company’s workflow and production processes and can be trusted to keep things moving under pressure and on tight deadlines. These jobs demand organization, attention to detail, adaptability, and, sometimes, a diplomatic touch. Read further on crafting a Traffic Coordinator job description.

User Interface (UI) Designer

UI (User Interface) Designers are specialized Graphic Designers concerned overall with how web pages and application screens look, with focus on branding, color, balance, elegance, typography and other purely visual factors. Their skills will be primarily in Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and other graphics programs, while their primary deliverables will be mockups and visual assets like buttons and banners. Need to hire a UI Designer? Learn more about writing a User Interface IT job description.

User Interface (UI) Developer

UI Developers create, maintain and troubleshoot the actual scripts and code that makes the page or applications appear and function correctly on the screen. They’re a little different from other types of Developers in that their primary focus is on this “presentation layer” – as opposed to the databases, server configuration, and other more complex programming that makes the overall system work. Their primary deliverable is usually HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Discover how to craft a compelling User Interface Developer IT job description.

Usability Analyst

Usability Analysts (UA) focus primarily on the customer experience as they interact with software, a website, machinery or another product or service. While they primarily exist in the website design world, the role has begin cropping up in many other industries as a way to keep the customer satisfied – and buying more. If your business is trying to make your website, app or other product well known fun and creative, as well as memorable, it might be time to seek the assistance of a Usability Analyst. Learn more about crafting Usability Analyst IT job description.

User Experience (UX) Designer

User Experience (UX) Designers crunch data, organize information, understand human behavior as it relates to their projects, and create interactive experiences that draw people in and keep them coming back. A UX design job may require research, analysis, sitemaps, taxonomies, wireframes, and more. Great UX Designers think so that their users don’t have to. Read further on crafting User Experience Designer IT job description.

User  (UX) Researcher

User Researchers are trained practitioners who focus solely on the end users of the software or website. They will often survey, observe and interview potential users before the solution is ever created. They evaluate early solution concepts to identify strengths, weaknesses, precedents and potential, and test out these concepts with users throughout the development process. Their deliverables may include personas, heuristic evaluations, card sort exercises, and written reports documenting the planning and results of usability testing. Find out how to create a compelling User Researcher IT job description.

UX Business Analyst

Business Analysts work with the business stakeholders to help determine the definition, usefulness and efficacy of the software solution that is being proposed, created or revised. They usually guide and deliver the business and technical requirements documentation, and often participate in the development of the project’s visual style guide. Learn more about UX Business Analyst IT job description.

UX Project Manager

Project Managers specializing in UX will coordinate communications, documentation, schedules, budgets, and resources for the project. They should be highly familiar with the UX skillsets and responsibilities described here. They guide the overall development process, and ensure that all of these interdependent tasks are progressing smoothly and efficiently toward the desired outcome. Find out more on writing UX Project Manager creative job description.

UX Architect

UX Architects are UX practitioners who, in addition to the skills described above, serve as strategic advisors providing thought leadership and proposing solutions to business stakeholders. They act as UX team leads and mentors for junior level team members, and often participate in content development and social media activities for their projects. They should also provide proactive UX expertise and evangelism to their project teams. Start writing a UX Architect IT job description.

UX Developer

UX Developers are, theoretically, folks who provide all the skills and activities listed above while still managing and owning the actual coding and development of the site. Usually, when you see this term, you should have a conversation with the client and determine the size and scope of their project, how many individuals are actually needed, and which specific specialized skills will best suit their needs. Learn more about UX Developer IT job descriptions.

Video and Motion Graphics Artist

Whether creating a live-action video clip or using animation and ActionScript to bring a concept to life, video and motion graphics artists know what works in visual media and why it’s so important to business success. Video Artist jobs require a wide range of film-making skills. Motion Graphics Artists’ jobs may include online games, e-learning projects, Object Oriented Programming, and more. Discover how to craft a compelling Video and Motion Graphics Artist IT job description.


Videographers shoot and edit video footage. That’s obvious. But they may also wear other hats, including sound production, or film editing. Many times they’re involved in post-production after the video has been shot. They may handle everything from interviewing to editing film, or they may just operate the camera itself. Read about Videographer job description.

Visual Designer

A Visual Designer is a Graphic Designer, and vice versa. Visual Designers worry about things like color balance, brand image and the aesthetics of a design whether it’s on a web site or an app or an ad. Visual Designers probably dream in full color palettes of perfectly designed images – when they’re not busy creating them in real life. Read about writing a Visual Designer creative job description.

Web Content Specialist

There are two clues in the title that should tell you what a Web Content Specialist does. First, that they write copy, or content, and second, that the content is published on the web. There are all kinds of writers out there. However, how they craft their content depends on where it’s going to be shared. We know that webpage content should be written differently than what the reader would find in a white paper, blog, or sales collateral. That’s because the natural speed with which we surf the web requires a webpage’s language to be both enticing and succinct. With just a few seconds to capture visitors’ attention, the copy found on a website must be engaging enough to slow the person down long enough to sell to them. A Web content specialist job description.

Web Designer

Web Designers combine form and function to create engaging and effective websites, microsites, social media initiatives, mobile applications, and more. These jobs require conceptual thinking skills, a firm mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite, and proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other common programming languages. Learn more about writing a Web Designer IT job description. Web Designers are often sometimes interchanged with Front End Developers.

Web Developer

We live in a technology-driven digital era. That makes Web Developers incredibly important to companies that want to leave their Internet-savvy customers with the best impression of their business. Web Developers are the HTML code behind the flash. While they may or may not develop the creative design of a site, they absolutely are responsible for writing the code that creates a functioning website. Discover how to craft a Web Developer IT job description.

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