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1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
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We’re an award-winning agency that loves matching skilled talent with the perfect digital, creative, and marketing opportunities. If you’re hiring talent or looking for creative opportunities in the DC area, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with our dynamic Washington DC staffing agency team of experts to get the ball rolling.


Director of Talent Strategy
“As a sports fanatic with 20+ years of staffing experience, I know how to keep my head in the game and draft top talent.”
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Senior Creative Recruiter
“I’m proud of matching 300+ professionals in 16 years – and I like to celebrate in different ways, including skydiving…twice.”
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Key facts

This satellite office uses the experience and expertise from our Indianapolis team to help pave the way for unique opportunities in the DC creative job market.

2012 Office founded

This location serves the creative community in D.C. – and we’re busy pursuing and building connections in all sorts of industries – even those outside of government.

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Our DC staffing firm's expertise is connecting digital, creative, and marketing talent who think beyond the public sector and break through a variety of fields.

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Why this city?

It’s no secret that the DC creative job market is an important hub on the East Coast – and for the entire country. With innovation, technology, consulting, and international business in high demand, this market definitely stands apart from the others we serve. There’s an entrepreneurial spirit all around, and it sets the stage for an exciting work environment at our Washington DC staffing agency.

Artisan is a visual, digital, creative, and marketing staffing agency for full-time and freelance talent. Finding premiere positions for Web Designers, Application Developers, Creative Directors, Programmers, Mobile Developers, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers, Editors, Copywriters, and other Video and Motion Graphic Artists.

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