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331 2nd Ave South, Suite 400
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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If you’re hiring talent or looking for digital, marketing, or creative jobs in "The Twin Cities", you’ve come to the right place. Connect with our Minneapolis staffing agency's team of experts to get the ball rolling.


Director of Talent Strategy
“As a sports fanatic with 20+ years of staffing experience, I know how to keep my head in the game and draft top talent.”
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Senior Creative Recruiter
“I’m proud of matching 1600+ professionals in 16 years – and I like to celebrate in different ways, including skydiving…twice.”
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Key facts

One of the original industry-driven cities in the US, Minneapolis has always known the benefits of hard work and the importance of celebrating its diverse cultures. The Twin Cities area is more than just all about its industrious past. Minneapolis has one of the most extensive public parks systems, allowing for outdoor types to truly thrive.

2022 Office founded

Our office is located in the Gateway District neighborhood near plenty of museums, shops and the Mississippi waterfront, creating the ideal spot for creatives and thinkers to truly thrive.

5 Industries served

Manufacturing, Medical Tech, Retail and Commercialization are just a handful of the industries we're focused on (for now), and within those industries we've been able to place brilliant creatives at companies like Target, United Health Group, and 3M.

1995 Benefits added

We began offering medical insurance, paid vacation time, and 401(k) plans to our freelancers – and have since raised the bar by including dental, life insurance, and free training.

Highest ratings By clients and Talent

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Why this city?

With 16 of the nation’s fortune 500 countries calling Minneapolis home, it’s no wonder this hidden gem is now gaining attention. After all, this was the place that influenced people like Prince and Bob Dylan to create art and its thriving arts scene is still a testament to this place’s diversity and brilliance with its art murals and investment in sculpture (to name a few). Between its museums, scenic views and unique food culture you’ll find more than a place to work. Speaking of, Minneapolis-born companies are all the type to offer longevity as well as continued innovation. Places like 3M and Target are strong leaders in their industries who know how to stay in the game and show no signs of slowing. We’re happy to be able to place talented people from around the country right here in Minneapolis.

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