Hiring Advice

Helping companies navigate the world of staffing and recruiting is something we’re really passionate about. We have a compiled list of blog posts featuring hiring tips for employers. If you’re looking for hiring tips for attracting and retaining talent, you’ve come to the right place.


Your “How to Hire” Handbook

hiring a freelancer
This free, downloadable PDF guidebook will walk you through everything you need to know about hiring freelancers. From why creatives choose to freelance to busting myths, hiring quickly, and what to pay – this guide has it all. Download your copy today.
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Pay Day: What Creatives are Making Now

salary guide
Not sure what you should be paying your creatives? This handy guide is your “Cliff Notes” to salary guides. It breaks down digital, creative, and marketing salaries by cost of living and city based on three market tiers. Download your copy here.
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Who Does What?

job descriptions
Looking for help writing job descriptions? This page lists types of positions our clients commonly ask us to fill and includes role requirements and suggested software proficiency for potential hires.
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Choosing A Staffing Partner

staffing agency
This free, downloadable PDF will help you access and compare different staffing partners. Print it off as many times as you like and fill it out during phone screenings and in-person interviews with different recruiting agencies to compare companies and identify the best match for your business. Download it now by clicking here.
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