Web Designer Job Description

Web designers combine form and function to create engaging and effective websites, microsites, social media initiatives, mobile applications, and more. Web design jobs require conceptual thinking skills, a firm mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite, and proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other common programming languages.

Web designers plan site design by clarifying goals and designing functionality through site navigation by categorizing content and funneling traffic through content. They will be coordinating and collaborating with Account Managers, Copywriter, Graphic Designers and other graphic artists on images, icons, banners, audio, etc. They will also prepare the site by installing and configuring server software; installing programming language using authoring and formatting tools; ensuring cross-platform compatibility; establishing links and locability by registering with search engines.

A Full time Web Designer Job Description should also include ongoing responsibility information such as maintaining and providing ongoing design of the website, promos and ad banners, seasonal content updates, special promotion materials, etc.

When hiring or creating a web designer job description, keep the following in mind:

Web Designer Skills Needed

  • Web Graphic Design
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Web Programming Experience
  • Front End Development
  • Rapid Prototype Creation
  • Web User Interface Design
  • Web Programming Skills
  • Illustration Tools
  • Web Analytics
  • Multimedia Content Development
  • Understanding Browser Capabilities
  • Client Facing Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Organization, Multiple Project Juggling
  • Self Directed

Web Designer Suggested Software Proficiency

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator
  • Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign
  • Wireframing Tools
  • Balsamiq
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Visual Studio
  • Flash

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