2013’s Staffing Agency Regulations: How Will Job Seekers Be Impacted?

2013’s Staffing Agency Regulations

2013's Staffing Agency Regulations The year 2013 is bringing some new staffing agency regulations to temp agencies and creative staffing agencies alike that have some professional freelancers asking, “How will this impact me and my ability to earn a living?” The good news is, the only impacts will be of a positive nature. And in some cases, depending on where they live, contracted workers may not feel any impact at all.

It’s important to note that the changes going into effect are taking place only in the state of Massachusetts. If you don’t live there, it doesn’t impact you. Yet. Other states may follow in suit or may have done so already.

The new staffing agency regulations or legal guidelines are not for individual workers to follow, but for creative staffing agencies such as Artisan Talent. Individual workers will not have to do anything differently, and instead will be guaranteed comprehensive information about assigned work, lower fees, and in some cases, reimbursement.

Here is a breakdown of exactly what the new Massachusetts law – which is being referred to as “An Act Establishing Temporary Workers Right to Know” – will require staffers to do for the people who find work through them.

– Provide employees with full disclosure of Department of Labor standards, and ensure that proper contact information is given for the staffing agency and the carrier for workers’ compensation.

– Provide the worker with all information regarding a particular job’s description, including any special requirements that might be required in order to do the job. This applies mostly to temp agencies who routinely send employees on day-long work assignments at different job sites, and is nothing that will impact professional freelancers finding work through Artisan Talent.

– Provide information on when pay can be expected, the exact amount of pay that each job will pay, and whether or not it’s possible to earn overtime. Since most freelance assignments that you’ll find through Artisan Talent are of a contracted nature for work provided, it’s seldom that you will be discussing hourly wages.

– Disclosure on work schedules, the cost of provided meals, and any associated transportation fees or requirements.

Artisan Talent is a creative staffing agency that already offers full disclosure to its clients, both freelance workers and businesses alike. At Artisan, we cater primarily to professionals seeking freelance work assignments in fields as varying as graphic design, marketing, and web design careers. If you’re interested in learning more about numerous job opportunities in your field of specialty, visit

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