Reinvent Your Career In These 3 Ways

Reinvent Your Career

3 Ways to Reinvent Your Career If you can instantly name three things you despise about your current job, you may want to check out three ways to reinvent your career. Reinventing your career can help you create the job and the life you want, especially if you’re thinking of jumping into the deepening pool of freelancers.

Research. Your first research step involves figuring out what you honestly want to do, not simply what you don’t want to do. As an article at puts it: “Run to something, not from something.”

Like first dates, business folks have an uncanny knack for sniffing out desperation. You’ll be much more likely to meet with success if your motives are positive and include a passion for taking a new direction rather than a negative reaction to a job you’re dying to escape.

The second research step is reaching out to successful professionals in your field of dreams, pun not intended. Find those with the dream career you want and find out how they did it. Network online by joining groups, reading industry publications and connecting with key players.

Take your networking face-to-face at industry events. You don’t want to corner some stranger and beg for a mentor, but you can ask for a single tidbit of career or self employment advice from someone you admire in the field.

Review . Take an assessment of your talents to see where you stand on your mission. One faux pas people make is assuming they need to run out and nab a new degree every time they want to expand their careers. That’s not always necessary if you’re already stocked with a heap of relevant skills.

Although the plaque on the desk calls you a web design assistant, you may be sitting on a skill set that can propel you into a successful career in freelance graphic design or establishing your own web design company.

Revamp . Don’t worry; you’re not getting the same old banal advice to “update your resume.” What you are getting is the suggestion to revamp your online presence. As you already know from working in the industry, the Internet can be a powerful tool indeed.

Use it to your advantage for your career reinvention by highlighting all those skills you just reviewed and building a consistent brand for your new company or for yourself as freelance talent available for hire. Create or update specific pages for your new business on the most relevant social media platforms.

LinkedIn leads the pack for career-related networking, with 97 percent of staffing folks looking to hire using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool in 2012, according to a Bullhorn survey mentioned in Forbes. That makes it an ideal building block for your revamped career’s foundation.

Looking at your career reinvention as a mini-marathon, rather than sprint, can help it seem far less overwhelming. Take one small step each day in your new direction and you may surprised at how quickly you cross the finish line. Contact us today to learn more on how to reinvent your career.

Ryn G is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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