Get Your Business Found With 4 Essential Mobile Marketing Features

Essential Mobile Marketing Features

4 Essential Mobile Marketing Features to Get Your Business Found With the now ubiquitous use of smartphones, mobile developers have their hands full. There is intense competition to develop the newest in mobile apps, marketing features, and advertising strategies. While there are many ways to take advantage of this growing trend, they needn’t be overly complex.

Make It Easy

Single-Touch design is one of the simplest, most effective ways to improve your mobile offerings. The best advertising strategy in the world will be worthless if consumers visit your site or download your app and are greeted by a clunky interface. Those on the hunt for information pertaining to a service or product want to get to that information as quickly as possible.

Make sure you offer one-click calling and turn-by-turn directions so that interested parties have what they need at their fingertips.

While it might seem obvious, claiming your business listings on search engines and keeping them up-to-date is also key in capturing your share of the mobile search market.

Share Nicely

A successful social media campaign consists of more than just slapping a Twitter or Facebook logo on your site. Offer Single-Touch sharing, and a second option that appear after purchase or interaction.

This secondary placement matters. Performics Life on Demand study indicated that over 70% of consumers take some type of social media action pursuant to purchase. By offering them another a prompt to “share” about you after they have completed a significant interaction, you stand a better chance of gaining valuable exposure.

Consumers trust recommendations from friends more than any other type of advertising. The Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising study showed that 92% percent of those surveyed trusted “Recommendations from People I Know” completely–more than print, online, outdoor, or brand sponsorships.

Speak in Code

Placing QR codes in locations or on products that are relevant to your potential customers can be a good way to engage them. Now that they’re not the cool new thing anymore, you’ll need to be clear about why users should scan them at all – “Scan for Your Freebie!” – and offer value in return. Consider consulting a creative staffing agency to help create a campaign utilizing this marketing strategy.

QR codes also provide excellent opportunities to offer your app for download, a position that gives you more intimate access to your customer base. From there, you can use more sophisticated tools to bring in buyers.

Right Place at the Right Time

Location-Based advertising is the ideal way to reach customers. Using GPS, advertisers can create push notifications that go directly to the user’s device when they are in the proximity of one of your locations. Send special offers and discounts, and even include incentives that are time sensitive.

There is no better way to appeal to someone literally in the right place, at the right time.

As the population spends more time using their mobile devices to navigate through their daily lives, opportunities to make the most of this platform will continue to emerge. With some help, you can take advantage of them all!

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