Tips To Find Inspiration for Compelling Web Content

Tips for Compelling Web Content

Compelling web content is similar to that of a gripping novel that you cannot put down; you eagerly turn each page, and can’t wait to find out how the story ends. Likewise, compelling web copy encourages the reader to remain on the page longer, perhaps read other content throughout your site, and if it’s really good content, spark the reader to place an item in your virtual shopping cart.

For ecommerce businesses, compelling web content is the dough behind your bread and butter. Without it, your site isn’t likely to be found by an interested audience or the search engines that deliver the audience to your URL.

4 Tips to Help You Find Inspiration for Compelling Web Content But compelling web content ideation, particularly in the information age, isn’t so easy. Yet, it’s incredibly important. Whether you’re a professional who does freelance writing jobs online for other people or a webmaster looking for new ways to liven up your content offerings, these contemporary tips can help you find the inspiration you need to create web content that is instantly compelling from all walks of the blogosphere.

1) Curated Content

Once upon a time the idea of content curation was something that was reserved for hard-core Internet marketers. In recent months, however, curation is a concept that has gone completely mainstream thanks to sites like Pinterest , Drudge Report , and Huffington Post . Even infographics, which compile statistics from all over the web, are often largely curated. Curata recently conducted a Curation Adoption Survey of more than 400 marketing professionals. The survey discovered that while most people have no idea what content curation is, most of them are already using it, at least on some level.

So, what is curated content?

The simple answer is that it’s other people’s content you share with your audience. However, the more complex explanation is that it’s the act of arranging the content of other people in a manner that is meaningful to your audience.

The good news is that it’s fairly simple to use curated content when you take advantage of various resources, such as, , Alltop , Zite , Feedly and Flipboard , to name a few.

2) Current News and Trends

You can use Google Alerts or Yahoo! Alerts news services to find access to the latest news stories in your field or trending services like Yahoo Trending Now, Google Trends, or What’s Trending on Twitter to see what people are talking about on the net. Don’t forget to check out celebrity news and the latest pop culture as well.

The key though, and what sets it apart from curation, is that you’ll be providing your own thoughts and commentary about topics that are hot topics in the here and now. Using current trends and hot news topics helps you engage your audience and provides a social boost, as long as you’re providing information and trends that are relevant to your general audience.

3) Multimedia

In the not too distant past, written content was the only news in town. Today things have changed. Podcasts, slide presentations, and videos are vital sources of online content and inspiration for creating compelling content.

Slideshare , for example, is a place where marketers, speakers, and business leaders, to name a few, upload their presentations from meetings, conferences, and training programs. Often, the creators of these presentations are the experts in their respective field — and if they’re not, they hire someone who is to create the presentation. The result, more often than not, is some really good and valuable information, which you can link to, quote, offer your opinion on, or even embed the slide presentation in your own content, with source attributed.

So, the next time you’re looking for ideas for compelling web content, browse through some industry-relevant presentations at Slideshare, listen to some podcasts on iTunes, or watch some videos on YouTube.

4) Recycling

This gives you a way to make old content fresh again , build new links to existing content on your own site or blog, and to show your audience just how brilliant you are. There are many great ways you can make old content work for you today. Here are a few great ideas to consider:

  • Top 10 Lists – your top ten favorite posts on any given topic
  • Best of Lists – best posts relating to a specific topic
  • Most Popular Post Lists – posts that have netted the most visitors to your site
  • Most Commented Post Lists – posts that have generated the most comments among users
  • Fan Favorites List – let your fans vote on their favorites

Let your imagination be your guide. There are no limits to the number of ways you can make old content new while providing your audience with current content that is interesting to read and relevant to them.

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