Increase Get Blog Traffic With These 5 Tips

5 Ways to Get Blog TrafficMake your blog stand out – transform it into a multifaceted site that will keep people coming back. Engage the senses with still and video imagery that impact your viewers viscerally. Allow your readers to participate not only through comments, but also by engaging in activities they will enjoy.

If you want to spice up your blog, try these ideas.

Generating Blog Traffic: Visual Hooks

No matter how serious or technical your blog is, using photos is effective in driving traffic to your site. Blog links are far more likely to draw attention to potential visitors when associated with engaging photos. Pins can act as visually powerful bookmarks. Pinterest says, “Your newly minted Pin will be here whenever you need it, and will always link back to the site it came from.”

Anchor your photos to your name, company or website with a subtle stamp. It can appear discretely placed at the bottom. Wherever your image appears, it will be a beacon drawing attention to your blog or company. You can choose from many billboard and watermark apps for your laptop or smartphone.

Effective Audio

Audio can offer users a compelling reason to click on your link. Your visitors become aware of imminent new topic releases with Dubbler . This tool enables you to record up to one minute of audio on your phone and share it with others. Some strong Dubbler features are voice filtering and cover image inclusion. Dubbler sound bites can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and the Dubbler Community. These can literally be a herald harkening new blog visitors for you.

Video Objects

Vine video shorts can offer 6 second video loop teasers about your blog. The Vine iPhone app lets you create 6-second looping video shorts. A Vine video alerts potential visitors to your latest achievements. Tweeting a short Vine while including a blog post link in the video description is the way to implement this simple yet effective form of advertising.

Bike Bike offers a short Vine of a bicycle promotion that it tweets with a link to their blog post regarding features and availability. Vine is a Twitter product and as a result, the video you create will automatically display when tweeted. It also provides a link to the blog post. One of the best reasons to use Vine is given by Unruly Media. Their research indicates that Vine videos are 400% more likely to be shared than conventional videos.

The Personal Touch

Acquainting yourself with your readers and learning more about them will transform you from a two dimensional text producer to a person fulfilling needs for social blogging. You can get to know your readers through comments, writing about yourself while providing a clearly personal point of view, social media interaction and response to feedback.

Activities that Work

Adding a FreePolls poll to your blog enables your readers to quantify their thoughts on subjects of interest and present the results to you and other interested web visitors. You can find out what information is most popular. It is a fun way for your viewers to interact with your blog in a relevant way, and can increase traffic flow especially if your readers can expect a new poll regularly.

Keep your blog updated on near term activities both online and off. Visitors will return to familiarize themselves with valuable events relating to their interests. It’s possible to integrate an event calendar into your site without any programming. One example of this application type is

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