How To Tweet Around the Clock For Your Business

6 Resources to Help You Tweet Around the ClockResources to help you Tweet

Twitter posts are brief in both length and lifespan, but your small business can enjoy a long and lasting impact with them if you tweet around the clock. In order to do this you need multiple resources to help you tweet. Twitter is all about high visibility, and being visible 24/7 is one of the keys to success with social media for small business and freelancers.

You have two ways to stay perpetually visible on Twitter.

The first is is to brew copious carafes of coffee so you can remain permanently perched above your keyboard. The other is to take advantage of 6 resources that can keep you tweeting all day and night without sacrificing sleep or requiring an overdose of caffeine.

A number of resources can help with the curation, automation and scheduling of Tweets, which Hubspot notes are the three main areas of focus for thriving on Twitter.


Being constantly visible on Twitter doesn’t mean you have to constantly create new, original content to tweet. You can instead curate a host of existing content from various sources to tweet any time of the day or night. The task is not tough if you know where to look, and Hubspot serves up a handful of choices.

  • Feedly: Punch in and save your preferences and you get an ongoing, real-time rundown on content that matches what you’re seeking.
  • GoodReads: Pure heaven for highly tweet-able quotes.
  • AllTop: Get a quick overview of the moment’s most popular headlines and stories across multiple sources.
  • StumbleUpon: Pick a few interests and review websites, photos and videos the site selects for you.


Automation may be the easiest cog in the round-the-clock-tweeting wheel. It simply involves finding an app, website plug-in or social media management platform that automatically tweets your blog posts and other select content. Simply create content as you normally would without the additional step of posting a link on Twitter.


Scheduling tweets consists of setting up your tweets to be unleashed at the time and date you specify. You still need to have content ready for action, but you can post it as you would a real-time tweet but select the scheduling option on certain marketing and social media management platforms.

Hubspot is a marketing platform that helps with numerous aspects of marketing, with social media being one of them. Hubspot members can take advantage of the Social Media Publishing feature of the platform, which lets you pick the time and day of your tweet, schedule a single tweet to publish multiple times, and review and select recommended times for tweeting that would reach the largest audience.

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that can help you keep track of and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook and any other social media campaign. It, too, can offer recommended post times and advanced scheduling.

Being constantly active on Twitter can help your small business or freelance career get noticed, become more credible, and enhance its overall reputation. Join the conversation, if you know of additional “resources to help you tweet” let us know!

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