Smart Website Design is Critical, Here’s Why

According to the Stats, Smart Website Design is Critical¬†Understanding how to set up a website with a smart design that achieves client goals is critical to the success of a professional web design company. Almost anyone can “design” a website, but designing a website that produces results requires a much higher level of knowledge, training and research.

What is Smart Website Design?

What constitutes a smart website is an ever-changing proposition. You must take into account trends, changes in ranking criteria and other factors that are above and beyond the scope of knowledge that an ordinary user might possess. This is what sets you apart and brings you each freelance web designer job, time after time.

What Does a Client Expect from Professional Design Company Talent?

As part of a professional web design company, when you participate with Artisan Talent, you are expected to fulfill client needs by being self-educated about what smart website design is, and stay abreast of any new changes or trends in the marketplace. How do you go about this task efficiently?

First, understand some of the challenges:

  • Working on many different projects, all of which require special knowledge
  • Using many data resources to use to gain new insight into design trends
  • Discovering which elements will generate a response from your call to action
  • Considering layout options and how they might affect viewers

What Stats Tell Us

Studies about web users and their reactions to website utility clearly indicate a number of important facts, including the following conclusions:

  1. Clients desire to provide excellent online experiences for users
  2. Website loading speeds must be short or viewers leave the page quickly
  3. Web-influenced retail sales total over $1 trillion each year
  4. Conversion is the ultimate goal of most marketers
  5. High quality images and fast image loading times are important
  6. Mobile users cite difficulty using web pages
  7. If the mobile users have trouble using a website, they assume that company does not care
  8. Trends for increase sales point towards gains in mobile users
  9. Websites are the primary digital marketing tactic of most small to medium size businesses
  10. Personalization of content makes for a dynamic user experience
  11. User experience is tested by only about half of all companies
  12. Marketers are incorporating website optimization techniques in offline communications
  13. Many marketers admit they are not current with responsive design trends

Start With Artisan Talent

When you seek a freelance web designer job, do your homework first. Study trends in online shopping, layout enhancements and user preferences. Find out what smart website design really is and how it is ever-changing. This knowledge is critical to smart website design and your own professional success.

Learn from us and become part of our professional web design company. Join your talents with our storehouse of knowledge and supply of work to enhance and further your freelance web designer career. Contact us today to learn more.

Linda E is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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