Improving Your Image With Brand Management

building a better brand management expeirence

Your brand is simply the most powerful tool you have to build lasting relationships with your customers. It has a compelling story yet to be told, and one that will captivate your audience and create new opportunities for your brand to grow and succeed. We search for a complete experience that conveys the unique values and benefits that are the core of your company, and connect emotionally to your customers in a positive and meaningful way. The goal is to build lasting relationships and sustainable success by telling your story in a way that causes customers to act, trust, and believe in your company.

Three Things to Remember

  1. Your brand is your business. It inspires how people feel about your company, influences their buying decisions, compels them to action, and creates emotional connections that cause them to prefer your brand over and over again.
  2. A brand is an experience. It can be emotional, sensory, or visual.
  3. A great brand inspires. It creates feelings that we trust, believe in, and connect with in our everyday lives. When you get up in the morning and have a desire for “coffee my way” you have feelings of a warm and comfortable setting with the smell of fresh pastries and the sounds of friends starting their day – “Welcome to Starbucks.”

Improving Your Brand Image

It’s all about brand management. In today’s market, businesses are beginning to understand it is the value from the connection of your brand with customers that is the foundation for your success. It must be developed to create experiences that invite connection and align with the shared values of your customers.

Focus on creating solutions and identities that invoke emotions and feelings that inspire people to connect with your brand. Ask yourself how your offerings make your customers lives better. Does your brand communicate it’s committed to their well-being? Brands that create transparent and authentic emotional connections will establish a competitive advantage and create differentiation in the marketplace.

The ultimate goal of brand management is to create an image for your brand that keeps your customers coming back for more. Though this sounds like a clear objective, effective brand management is actually quite complex. To craft and maintain the best consumer perception of your brand, you must practice brand management in all facets of your company’s operations.

Starting Brand Management

Determining an Image

Before you can effectively market your brand, you must choose the image you want to project. To choose an appropriate image, consider the picture you want customers to have in their minds when they think of your company. In addition, consider the images projected by competing brands in your industry. For example, if you operate an insurance company, you may want customers to think of your business as responsible, honest, and stable.


Brand management marketing is one of the most important steps in effective brand management. Through effective advertising campaigns, you can draw in your target demographic and give them the first glimpse of your brand. A good advertising campaign will project the core values of your brand while simultaneously speaking to the appropriate audience.

To market your brand most effectively, make sure that all of your marketing efforts produce the same consistent perception for consumers. Trying to project too many different ideals confuses consumers and may prevent them from coming away with a focused image of your company.

Credibility and Public Relations

Many companies ignore the importance of public relations in brand management. However, public relations are valuable as a tool for protecting your brand’s credibility – an essential characteristic that all successful brands must maintain. According to the Wharton Business School, a public relations nightmare showing your company to be unreliable or untrustworthy could easily destroy the credibility of your entire brand. For this reason, brand managers must react to any bad press quickly and effectively to restore the company’s image. In addition, you can use public relations to your advantage by garnering positive attention for your company through charity work and environmental consciousness.

Achieving Effective Brand Management

Taking on the task of brand management on your own can be difficult. Artisan can provide you with a skilled brand management professional to help you implement good brand management strategies. Our professionals can help you choose a good brand image, project your image to consumers, and protect your image from bad publicity.

Are you interested in improving your brand experience and building market awareness?  Contact us today to get started.


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