How To Craft CTA Buttons

An essential element of content creation is the Call-to-Action (CTA) that generates a response from the viewer. This is a main objective of freelance graphic design, and a good point to add to your list of self employment advice. If the client does not get action, response and results from your efforts, you will be looking elsewhere for work.

Freelance Graphic Design

Copywriters can incorporate the CTA into their content, but those in freelance graphic design are saddled with the task of matching the written call-to-action with a graphic representation that needs to be outstanding, attractive and inviting. There are different approaches you can take to achieve this goal by using a conversion button. Use these separately or in combination for maximum effect. Test the results to determine how well your designs and conversion buttons are working for your client.

  • Size – Bigger is better, because a big button gets noticed. You don’t have to go way overboard, but dominant and prominent is perfectly acceptable.
  • Color – By all means, use color! A strong color is better than one that blends in with the background and might get lost in the color scheme. Use contrasting colors and stick with the known winners like bright red or yellow. Hot colors draw attention better than cool ones.
  • Location – Place the button above the fold so it will be viewed no matter what. Place it in a location where the viewer does not need to scroll any direction to see it all or find it.
  • Text – Definitely include a strong text message to initiate action. Use active verbs that give directions, like “download now” or “free trial” instead of “try this” or “check it out.”


With a strong visual call-to-action in a prominent place on the screen, viewers immediately will know they can just click to get something they want. Your text and graphic content will set the scene, but the call-to-action button is the element that should stand out visually and in size to provide the ultimate opportunity for response.

Being creative is an inner gift; being current with trends is an acquired learning situation that everyone can achieve. Blend the two for maximum results and always work with a company like Artisan Talent that can offer you high quality jobs, income and information. Contact us today to learn more.


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