Guide to Web Design Portfolios

Online Web Design Portfolio

Building a web design portfolio to get you the freelance web designer job or the fulltime position that you’re after is easier said than done. Think of building your portfolio as a process rather than as a task, and you’ll be on the right track. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Build and Rebuild Your Portfolio

Building the Perfect Online Web Design Portfolio
If you’re presenting your portfolio to a soft drink company, rebuild your portfolio around restaurant, food and refreshment related websites, as well as anything that suggests a feeling or attitude that you think the client or employer would respond to. Rebuild your portfolio around every client’s needs.

Remove Weak Work

Don’t try to pad your portfolio out with subpar work. Just present your best work, maybe 5-7 pieces. You’re not going to get a job with a professional web design company on quantity, they’re looking for quality.

Mix it Up

Gear your portfolio to a general theme based around what the employer is looking for, but show that you can handle more than a few different types of idea, that you’re not a one trick pony. A kid’s website next to a classy Italian restaurant site and a stylish sports themed site shows that you’re versatile.

Landing work with a strong portfolio is the only way to reliably land work as a designer these days. People aren’t interested in resumes, they’re interested in what you can do.


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