Candidate Journey

Happy talent equals happy clients.
We are advocates and thought leaders, connecting qualified candidates across creative and marketing fields with the right teams. That means we put an emphasis on quality projects and the right placements so our talent pool can thrive.

The Candidate Timeline

(1) The Reach 0ut

APPLY to an open role
We keep a current list of open roles with active searches on our website. You can sign up and submit your resume for a specific role at our career site.


REGISTER to become Artisan talent
Even if there isn’t an open role for you currently, you can still register to become a part of the Artisan Talent Pool. Giving us your resume and qualifications, ideal roles and titles, and salary or hourly expectations will help our team match you with the right roles as they come in.

Here’s the Deal on Job Applications

If we fast-track your resume, we will reach out promptly to talk about a specific position. That’s good news! But sometimes, roles get cancelled or a large number of candidates apply. Though you may be qualified and motivated to be placed in a role, it’s impossible for our team to reach out to everyone.

We look at every candidate with a big picture perspective, so we’ll keep your profile on file to be considered for future roles.

(2) The Sit Down

You made it past the application phase! Now What?

We pick the top talent for our current roster of active roles to come in and meet for an in-person meeting with one of our skilled Talent Representatives.

This meeting is to find out more about your experiences, pay requirements, and future goals. But we really focus on getting to know you and how we can be an advocate for your future roles as you progress in the search process.

(3) The Search

Once you are vetted and introduced to our Talent Reps, the search begins. Opportunities come into Artisan on a rolling basis: we may have opportunities for you immediately or it may take a few months. That means there may not be a good match for you for a few months.

What it does mean is that once something we think you’d be a success at does come in, you’ll be able to start the client introduction process much quicker.

When a client is interested, we move into the interview and negotiation step of the journey.

The Waiting Game

We know waiting is tough. Once you apply and meet with Artisan, know our Talent Reps will be hard at work to match you with the right teams and roles.
Read more about our tips on interviewing and reach out to your talent rep for specific information about a role and company.


The perfect equation for an open job doesn’t mean you aren’t a good fit—instead it means there are other factors that all work together to get us to the 2-3 candidates we will submit to any hiring manager.

The Artisan equation is:

Availability + Rate +
Experience + Cultural Fit

(4) The Interview Setup

A client we are working with is interested in talking with you! That’s great news. This part is when your Artisan Talent Rep can really shine, giving you continued support throughout the interview process.

We will be in constant contact with the hiring manager to set up interviews, prep you for success, get immediate feedback, and find out the timeline for next steps.

We’ll also lead all conversations with our clients about payment and billing, so you can focus on acing your interview.

We’ve Got Your Back

The interview process can be unpredictable. We are your advocates throughout, making sure you receive feedback in a timely manner, get the best rate possible, and are still vetted for new opportunities until you sign a contract.

(5) The Offer

All of your hard work paid off! You were offered a position after the interview process. Artisan will handle all of the paperwork and information before submitting a formal offer to you. That way, you know what you are working with and we can ensure you will be happy at your places of employment—no matter if it’s a one-week placement or a full-time role.

Didn’t Get the Answer You Wanted?

Sometimes, things don’t work out. That’s ok—there are numerous factors that can lead to not getting a position after an interview. Artisan will always get feedback, if possible, from our clients.

To Ghost or not to Ghost

  • Artisan adds talented and committed people to our Talent Pool. And we expect our relationship with candidates to be a two-way street of respect and trust.
  • That’s why we are planting a flag, committing to stop the epidemic of ghosting—both by recruiters and by candidates. Ghosting is a huge problem right now. And we promise to never ghost you, even when a role is cancelled.
  • In return, we expect the same. No ghosting. Ever.

(6) the Work

Artisan is here for you throughout your placement.

Have a question about Timesheets or Paystubs?
The Hiring Manager going outside of scope agreed on?
Working more hours than agreed on?
Call your Talent Representative.

We will continue to be your advocate throughout the placement, as well as set up your billing and timesheets so you are paid promptly.

(7) The Follow Up

Your placement ended. Now what?

A successful placement doesn’t guarantee further work with our clients, even if they were happy with your work. That’s why continued communication with Artisan is important!

Update your profile, even if it’s a year after your last placement. Check in to see what active roles are available at our career site. Get tips on networking and job searching on our blog.

Our Referral Program

Around here, connections are everything. That’s why we’re always looking to expand our network with brilliant people and innovative companies. Know any? If you make a referral, you can earn up to $1,000 through our referral bonus program – and you don’t even need to be registered with us.

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