Capital One Gets Responsive (And So Should You)

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Do you remember the old days when you used to have to pick up the phone and talk to someone to find out what your bank account balance was? When was the last time you visited a branch in person? Were they responsive? 🙂

Capital One Gets Responsive And So Should You The “new banking” has taken a handful of quantum leaps, making it possible for customers to check their balances and conduct complex transactions from virtually anywhere, at anytime. Having migrated from the desktop computer to the smart phone, mobile banking is now ubiquitous. And in a move that’s leaving much of the competition in the dust, Capital One is leading the charge in optimal mobility by deploying responsive web design.

Responsive web design is among one of the hottest trends in commercial online marketing. Taking into consideration the growing number of devices that customers may access their websites from – including everything from traditional desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs – businesses are becoming keenly aware that it may soon be impossible to guarantee an optimal online experience without adopting responsive web design.

Currently, companies who have not migrated to responsive web design are doing one of two things. Both are decidedly undesirable methods of offering a comprehensive online platform to their customer base.

– Sticking with a “one size fits all” web design approach and hoping it will suffice.

– Maintaining separate websites for desktop and mobile customers.

The trouble with either one of these approaches becomes self-evident the moment you take a closer look. The “one size fits all” method only works if everyone accessing your website is doing so on the same device. That may have been a lot more likely 10 years ago, but today it’s simply not going to happen. The other method requires companies to maintain at least two separate websites (one for mobile and one for desktop) which can ultimately result in higher cost and more time consuming maintenance.

Responsive web design eliminates the need to maintain separate websites through the use of a code that determines what type of device is being used to access your site, and renders uniquely for each. For example, an online marketplace being accessed from a static location – such as a desktop computer in a known location – will point to sales events taking place within that specific geographical location. But if a user accesses the same website on their mobile device from a different city (as identified through GPS), the displayed web content can be altered to cater to whatever events or locations are available nearby. Likewise, responsive web design takes into account screen size and resolution and displays differently, providing an optimal online experience.

Using responsive web design has also been shown to improve SEO efforts. By unifying URLs and not using two separate web addresses, businesses can improve their search engine ranking through a consolidated online presence. This ultimately leads to heightened search engine visibility, which translates to increased sales and revenue. In addition to improved SEO ranking, the need to maintain only one website can dramatically improve web maintenance costs. It also enables companies to implement changes and improvements to their websites in a single action, instead of piecemeal. This can be crucial, especially when correcting known site issues or promoting sales events.

Experts strongly suggest that companies seek out web developers experienced in responsive design to help them migrate seamlessly to the new platform. At Artisan Talent, companies can post job listings or search through the existing database of web design professionals. If you are a fulltime interactive designer with experience in this area and are looking for a freelance web designer job, Artisan Talent can also help to connect you with businesses wishing to contract your services. Contact us today to learn more.

Vince F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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