Changes in Mobile Keyword Research for 2013

Mobil Keyword Research

Mobile keyword research is an information retrieval service used by mobile devices. It typically takes the form of a web search engine that allows users to search websites that are accessible by mobile devices.

Mobile developers are continually increasing the amount mobile content on the web. Workers with web design careers must also develop mobile content into specialized segments. Search Engine Land shows that this branch of information technology is advancing rapidly, such that significant changes in mobile keyword research are apparent after within a few years.


Changes in Mobile Keyword Research for 2013 The possibility that users might use a keyword on a mobile device that they might not use on a desktop is one of the most likely reasons for developing a website with mobile content. Mobile users are typically more interested in locating businesses within their geographical area than desktop users. For example, up to 30 percent of the searches for restaurants are made with mobile devices. Website owners who fail to take this search behavior into account may choose the wrong keywords for their audience.


Mobile keyword research was more difficult in 2008. Auto-suggest tools that could provide keywords for mobile users did exist at that time, but they were not as advanced as the tools available for desktop users. Mobile developers today have powerful tools made by Google and Bing that allow them to tailor a website for mobile users. Each marketer may have a unique solution for performing mobile keyword research based on differences in goals, tools and processes.


The purpose of the keyword research will determine the best keywords to use. Mobile keywords will be most useful for sites that must be specifically designed for mobile users. On the other hand, these keywords will not be particularly beneficial for sites that require adaptive content since this content must be reusable. A developer who is designing a website for mobile use may choose to sort keywords by mobile volume to identify key words that are likely to be used on mobile devices and are relevant to the website.


You will need to use tools to determine how mobile users will find their website and other websites like it. Google Webmaster Tools is a popular tool that shows how a website ranks for mobile users. You can accomplish this by filtering the search report for the Mobile search type, which only includes keywords coming from mobile devices. This is a new feature of GWT, as previous versions required separate searches on smartphone and feature phone keywords.


The process for selecting the best keywords from the list of candidates depends primarily on volume, but you must also consider other factors. The GWT report is especially useful for this purpose since it lets you compare the queries for your mobile device against those of your desktop. This feature allows you to identify the differences between the two queries. You can accomplish this task by downloading both reports in CSV format and loading them into Excel.

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