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One of the newest trends in website design and functionality is content personalization. If you take on jobs in creative writing for client websites, it is important to understand that your content may also be used in new ways to create visitor personalization.

Creative writing is still the mainstay of content used on main websites, but with content personalization, your writing may end up placed on associated micro-sites, follow-up emails and in other places. If this is the case, content requirements may differ from that of a main website. Be sure to find out how and where the client wants your creative writing to appear.

What’s Content Personalization All About?

As the creative writer on a team, you do not need to understand all the little details about designing a website that includes content personalization, but you will want to know what this new trend is all about. Website owners have many new tools that allow them to track, categorize and organize information about website visitors and customers. This is used, in part, to help retain customers and to provide them individualized information that ultimately generates sales.

The primary goal of content personalization is to create an experience for the visitor that is amazingly and apparently individualized; the content appears to have been created just for this unique viewer. The way this is accomplished is by using a complex design strategy, using special tools, cookies and other elements and widgets that allow tracking and recording of visitor information, habits and actions.

Benefits of Content Personalization

As you can imagine, there are multiple benefits that accompany content personalization efforts. When you can identify a visitor by their geographic area, what purchases they have made previously, and other facets of interest they may have, you have an outstanding opportunity to appeal to their individual needs. This gives the website owner a remarkable advantage in presenting additional information or products that this unique visitor may wish to know, purchase or share with others. It is a new way to communicate on a one-to-one basis and accomplish marketing.

Creative Writing Jobs and Content Personalization

As you get familiar with all the potential ways your content can now be used, you will understand even more that being concise and clear is a must. It is more important than ever to cut the deadwood, the fluff and the non-essential information from your copy/content. The reason for this is another growing trend towards mobile device and social media use. Communication must be short and sweet to be effective and of use to those viewers. You only have milliseconds to grab their attention and interest, plus pages must be easy to understand and navigate.

Information Gold Mines

Tracking tools and data collection offer gold mines of information about viewers and customers. There are several categories that can be used for content personalization. Some tools can track viewers by their IP addresses to provide geographical information. Other website tools and responses to inquiries will provide data to use to shift these viewers to another page or micro-site where items specific to their habits appear. Cookies help to discern personal interests, and tracking purchases and inquires helps clients present related information, as seen on websites like Amazon that offer recommendations of other products a viewer may find of interest.

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