Creating a Killer Logo

Graphic designers tasked with creating eye catching logos for their clients should know one thing above all others: no computer software program in the world is a replacement for good, old fashioned creativity. Logo creation is all about concept. Seldom does their success have anything to do with technical abilities. Coming up with a killer logo is also dependent on process and due diligence. Here are some of the most important steps you’ll need to take to help you come up with a logo design that will wow your clients – and help them achieve increased brand visibility.

Step One: Ask Questions

In order to design a logo that truly succeeds, it has to be a good visual representation of your client’s company brand. To gain a better understanding of what will work for your client and what won’t work, you have to be willing to ask questions. Lots of questions. Schedule a meeting with your client and have an in-depth conversation that will help you gain insight into who they are, where they came from, and (most importantly) where they’re going. Logos are a clever blend of history and future plans. Without having a deep comprehension of your client’s company, you’re just winging it. Pick your client’s brain. In some cases they may have an undeveloped idea for a logo that can inform your overall direction.

Step Two: Brainstorm

Now that you know all there is to know about your client’s company, you’re on solid footing with respect to exploring how all of that data be conveyed by a single image. To begin with, jot down a list of keywords and phrases that encapsulate the spirit of the brand. Keep it simple, using descriptive words plucked from your conversation with your client. When you’re done, comb through those keywords and discard any you think might not fit. By doing so, you’re weeding out the weak links and closing in on a central idea that will serve to best identify your client’s mission.

Step Three: Sketch

Putting pencil to paper is one of the most successful methods of developing a logo. While it may seem primitive to those who are more used to developing concepts by way of a computer screen, the act of sketching ideas enables you to pursue random directions and make the kinds of “happy accidents” that lead to brilliant ideas. This is not a case of simply doodling until you come up with something that will work. By focusing on all you’ve learned about your client and referring to the descriptive keywords you narrowed down, you can hit upon an ideal balance of free-flow creativity and informed direction.

In the end, you should create at least three strong logo ideas to present to your client. You may not always hit a home-run your first time at bat, but by going through a process of elimination you can further close in on the best possible logo design that will match your client’s needs and expectations.

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