Creating Your Own Pinterest Success Story

Creating Your Own Pinterest Success StoryWantering, a fashion search engine driven by substantial community participation, recently drew the attention of Mashable with an extensive Pinterest board intertwining images of fashion lives from past and present with the best designs.

Wantering stacked its Pinterest board with GIFs and let Mashable know. Soon after, Mashable featured their story, including a screenshot and link to Wantering’s Pinterest board.

With Mashable’s 34 million monthly unique visitors and a social media following of 14 million, Wantering will have a better opportunity than ever to reach potential customers.

Creating a Pinterest board with wide topical relevance gave Wantering the opportunity to elevate its creative marketing campaign to national attention.

Starting from this example, here are some ideas about creating your own Pinterest success story.

1. Think Visually

How are people using your brand? Bring cameras, acquire images, and create your own board about it. Wantering used romantic and famous figures past and present. The visual time component contributed deeper interest while displaying the universality of classic romance, beauty, and fun.

What can you do to express something special about you in a visual way? For designers, Pinterest can serve as a design organizer wherein project based materials, structures, ideas, colors, and patterns play out compositional elements that can be integrated easily.

2. Involve your Community

Wantering has a community of 300,000 involved in its selection of fashions. Identify your community and get their input. This is part of an interactive strategy between your organization and your customers or clients. When they see your results, they’ll appreciate your community focus.

Sony followed this path and used Pinterest to create a lifestyle approach for increasing community interaction. As a result, their social media audience and revenues have responded.

3. Expand your Interactive Marketing Strategy

Circulate your Pinterest interactive creation to community participants and ask for their input. Share the results with your community. Many interactive strategies are a one way experience where the participants never get to see the results. Be different and complete the circle. Your reward will be in appreciative followers and customers.

4. Connect with Professionals in your Field

ArchDaily is an architectural publication that uses Pinterest to surface professional information in a visual form, while inviting related streams to develop – illustrating how different techniques can be used.

Pinterest has helped readers discover more content, uncover an in depth understanding of audience interests and increase readership involvement. David Basulto, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, explains that Pinterest helps readers engage in new ways and has become one of their most important sources of traffic.

5. Tell your Followers How to Do It

The The Container Store focuses on organization and helps Pinners by showing them how they can solve their organizational and storage needs. With 100,000 products that’s a big requirement. Even so, the Container Store has included Pins in every facet of its retail process. Pinterest is now its number one social media source of website referral traffic and revenue, while also serving as a place for high brand engagement. The products most frequently used are the Pin It button, Rich Pins, Analytics. Subjects are Organization, Storage, Home, Office.

Kristin Steed, Social Media Manager, views Pinterest as a success because of high traffic, increased followers, repins and sales.

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