How to Crowdsource Your Way to a High Quality Video

High Quality Video

As the wisdom of crowds grows and web video production budgets demand more for less, people considering videographer careers are learning how to maximize value and minimize costs by leaning on the skills of the online community. Brands have been crowdsourcing for years, and it’s possible for you to do the same thing. The requirements for entry into the world of high quality video production are now more accessible and affordable than ever; it’s possible to get high quality video from a crowdsourced effort.

Doritos has been doing it for years with their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, mentioned in this Mashable article about crowdsourcing a brand video as one of the most popular examples of the crowdsourcing phenomenon. Visit the Doritos YouTube Channel to see the results of their campaign; the chance to be on the Super Bowl attracts some big league talent and seriously professional productions.

What if you don’t have 30 seconds of Super Bowl airtime to dangle as a prize? According to that same Mashable article, consumer electronics company consumers are making more content than the brands know what to do with. If you’re doing work for a consumer electronics brand, you’re likely to find unboxing videos galore on social media video sites. While some brands offer incentives for customers to create this type of content, it’s also a good idea to offer customers the video and digital assets they need to make their work look professional.

So you’re not Doritos and you’re not working for a CE brand. Now what? Sites like Tongal and Poptent provide contests and services for brands and clients willing to put up prize money to cover the cost of a finished product. In the beginning of 2013, Tongal raised 15 million dollars via private equity for expansion. Tongal clients are generally big brands like P&G, Unilever, McDonald’s, and Lego, Poptent caters to the same type of clients.

The advantages of a crowdsourced video include lower cost, faster turnaround, and a wide variety of input and ideas. In this interview with Poptent president Neil Perry, he claims they regularly deliver projects in 30 days, and have in some instances delivered work in as little as 72 hours.

Even when your budget is low, you should try to find some incentive to encourage participation. Whether it’s a product giveaway, exposure, or a chance at “Internet Fame,” incentives do help. However, if you don’t have anything to give away, perhaps consider something like what the band Light Light recently created. Their crowdsourced video tracks, records and displays the movements of your mouse pointer, along with hundreds of other pointers. This isn’t traditional crowdsourced content or video creation, but encouraging participation and displaying the results of that participation lets anyone add to the production with a minimal effort. The final effect is captivating, especially when users don’t follow the instructions.

If you know how to stretch a dollar and deliver maximum value via crowdsourced production, you’ll be in big demand. Contact Artisan today if you want to see just what kind of opportunities await.

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