Curating Content Like a Boss

Curating Content Like a BossTreat each article on your website as though it is going to be working for you, as it should. Never incorporate content on your website that does not add value to your website, and try to use content that relates to your specialty. This will build your authority and bring in opportunities over time.

Use Job Interview Techniques

In a way, you use some boss-like job interview techniques when deciding which type of content you want to curate on your website. Approach each article you are considering using as if it were a cover letter for freelancers, noting how well it draws your own attention and what questions it answers.

Cover Letter for Freelancers

When composing an actual cover letter for freelancers, it is recommended that those seeking work highlight points that would be of interest to each individual employer. This means not using a stock cover letter, but writing each one individually to appeal to an employer. Incorporate points that you discovered during your research on a company that will tell the potential employer how you can be of benefit to that company.

Scrutinize Your Content

Like a boss doing employee reviews, take time to do a regular review of your website content. Update, change and add new content to keep it fresh and interesting. If something is not drawing interest and hits, replace it with another article or photo. Make sure links are working and that you are getting some backlinks from other websites that have added your content. Always read the entire post before posting anything on your website as curated content.

Spreading the Word

In addition to caring for your website on a regular basis, get out there and post on forums, always using your linking information to bring others back to your website. Build your online reputation as a professional and an authority on your specialty. Use one means primarily to spread your word, select the best and stick with it rather than trying to spread yourself too thin on many outlets. Ask your readers for their opinions, even if theirs differs from yours; that is okay. As you find answers, post links to those answers for your readers and engender their loyalty.

Take Charge

Be the boss of your website – take charge of everything. Go ahead and add links back to the websites where you found your curated content. Readers will appreciate it when they want to read more by an author, and it keeps you in a positive light for providing those links. Being active is the key to keeping your website functioning and visible. It won’t just sit there and work; like an employee, it needs the boss around to help things run smoothly.

Once you like your creation, maintain it over time for best results. Although your website is not an actual person, it does require care and thoughtfulness for continuing success. At Artisan Talent, we have many great ideas to share with freelancers; contact us today to learn more.

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