Designing with Continuous Scrolling

One of the hottest trends in creative marketing right now is the use of continuous scrolling on websites. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook have widely used this type of visual style, making it almost an expected part of page viewing for many consumers and web users. But, what is continuous scrolling and how can your website utilize it to its fullest potential?

What Continuous Scrolling Is

Desgning with Continuous ScrollingContinuous scrolling, also referred to as infinite scrolling, is a type of layout that instantly loads the next page of data as the person viewing the website scrolls down. It eliminates the need for clicking on the next page, offering a seamless and very clean visual appeal for most sites.

In addition, continuous scrolling also abolishes the need to have any sort of navigation bar across the top of the website or along the side margin. This allows for much more room to present information, including text, images, and interactive presentations.

Pros of Continuous Scrolling Designs

Incorporating infinite scrolling into your creative marketing and/or website design campaign can be a great way to woo potential clients and page viewers. Including the above mentioned lack of need for navigation bars, this style of website has many pros.

Most tablet and smartphone users love this type of layout, as it allows them to see the whole site by simply swiping down to the bottom versus having to wait for a new page to load. Continuous design also is a great way to keep the viewer engaged in the page for longer periods of time. (For a great example of this, think back to the last time you became sucked into reading a continuous list of Twitter or Facebook posts!)

Cons of Continuous Scrolling Designs

As awesome as infinite scrolling can be, there are also a few downsides. This type of page design often requires Java functionality in order for it to load properly, which can sometimes alienate users of certain web browsers or those on certain devices, such as anyone who uses video game systems or smart televisions to peruse the internet. And not all websites are good candidates for continuous scrolling, as retailers and online merchants want shoppers to click on product categories and narrow their searches.

Types of Websites Continuous Scrolling is Perfect For

If continuous scrolling isn’t right for all types of websites, who is it good for? Infinite scrolling often works well for blogs, sites that have a hefty amount of information (such as articles), and those who could benefit in any way from keeping the user on the page without having to click away for a lengthy amount of time.

Hiring a Designer to Crate Continuous Scrolling Effects

When it comes to utilizing continuous scrolling as part of your interactive marketing strategy, it is important to hire a web designer that is familiar with this type of Java application and design. Some of the most talented web designers today understand how to incorporate infinite scrolling so that it looks just right for its application. Contact us today to learn more.


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