Does it Work? The Stats of Video Marketing for Business

Does it Work The Stats of Video Marketing for Business You have likely been witness to commercial video campaigns. You may already be involved with video marketing yourself. With even big businesses like Lowes and Home Depot getting in on product descriptions and tutorials, viral commercials and self-starting ads, video advertising campaigns are difficult to miss, which is kind of the point.

The real question isn’t if viewers are seeing these videos, but if anyone is paying attention. Do marketing videos actually work? Is it worth the time and effort it takes to create video content? Does it increase business?

Statistics, and one extraordinary success story, say the answer is “Yes”.

Video Marketing for Business: The Stats

Essential stats about video marketing come in two separate categories. The first is general stats about online video-viewership. The second is business video stats. Each is important. General stats give you an idea about the extent of your potential audience. Business stats give you an idea about the behavior of that audience when it comes to watching business videos.

A few general stats about online video viewership

  • Top video-hosting site, YouTube, gets over 1 billion unique visitors every month
  • YouTube attracts more adult viewers, ages 18-34, than any cable network
  • The top YouTube video in 2012, Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” has reached nearly 2 billion views

A few (perhaps surprising) stats about business videos from video tech company Invodo

  • Visitors who watch product videos stay on a site an extra two minutes on average
  • Video viewers are 64-percent more likely to make a purchase
  • 50-percent of marketers who utilize video in email marketing campaigns see an increase in click-through rates
  • 52-percent of consumers state that viewing product videos makes them more confident in purchases

A Story of Success

General video statistics tell us the audience is out there. Business statistics tell us an audience that views business product videos responds to them.

Sometimes that response is overwhelming.

A year after producing a viral product video for Dollar Shave Club, a company he helped found, Michael Dubin saw his company grow at break-neck pace. Within a single year after their video success, according to the New York Times, Dollar Shave Club had become a 24-employee business with an expanded line of products.

Even with a great video idea and a top-notch video marketing strategy, most businesses cannot expect to repeat the success of the Dollar Shave Club video. Though, general statistics show that billions watch YouTube every year, YouTube also gets more crowded by the minute with more than 100 hours worth of video uploaded every 60 seconds.

Business statistics have proven that video is effective, though, at bolstering consumer confidence in a product and persuading them to buy. This makes video marketing a worthwhile endeavor, even if you never produce a viral video that sends your company soaring on the wings of consumer excitement.

When you are ready to start churning out your company’s marketing videos, or if you are searching for film editor jobs in the business sector, contact us today to learn more.

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