Dynamic Content Makes Your Website More Relevant

Dynamic Content Makes Your Website More Relevant

Dynamic Content

Personalization is the key to impacting a wide audience with your website. If you’re a creative art director or a marketing director, you know that the trouble in marketing a website to a wide audience is that not all users want the same things. In fact, it’s basically guaranteed that visitors to your website will arrive with different needs, have different expectations and will look for different information. Static content is limited in its ability to impact users–it cannot adapt to the diverse needs of a large audience.

This is why smart dynamic content is crucial for sales-driven websites. Smart dynamic content is the future of the internet.

Dynamic Content Deconstructed

Smart content is content that has been tailored to the needs of the specific users of a website. According to the article on Hubspot, “How Dynamic Content Makes Your Marketing A Helluva Lot More Personal,” this type of content is also known as “dynamic” content or “adaptive” content.

Smart dynamic content changes based on the behavior of the users. By acquiring knowledge of a user’s history and interaction with your website, you can deliver content that is personally relevant to that user.

Sounds like magic, right?

The secret to creating dynamic content is gathering information and using it wisely. The more information you have about your website’s users, the more tailored their experience will be.

The “How-To” for Dynamic Content

It all starts with a database. A marketing database gathers information about your clients and their experiences on your website. The marketing database stores information about your visitors’ download and viewing history, and any form information they may have filled out. Information on this database is used to determine the smart content shown on your website.

The marketing database talks to the smart content generator and tells it when to hide or reveal content based on rules set by you. The type of content revealed to each user will depend on their place in the “lifecycle” – meaning, their stage in the decision to make a purchase. While some customers will have just begun to consider a purchase, others may have made repeat visits to your website and will know with more certainty what they have decided to buy.

Tailored dynamic content prevents customers from reading the same content twice, and guides them through the process of making a purchase. The marketing database also helps your website recognize repeat visitors, giving them the option to bypass forms they may have already filled out. This system is more efficient for users.

The marketing database is also connected to your email system and is used to generate emails that are specific to the needs of your individual clients. Emails that deliver relevant content are more likely to be read, more likely to generate web visits and can lead to more sales.

Creative job placement today now depends on your ability to work with websites that deliver smart dynamic content to users. Contact us today to learn more.


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