Easter Egg Bonus: Making the User Experience Fun

Easter Egg Bonus: Making the User Experience FunWhile the internet is seen as being full of wonderful and quirky things to gawk at in awe, it’s really quite the opposite. Most times, the average user is stuck seeing tedious, boring things, whether it’s waiting for a page or a video to load or filling out form after tedious form.

Fortunately, a clever UI designer can turn the boredom right on its head by slipping an Easter egg or two where people would least expect it.

Why Easter Eggs?

Why an Easter Egg? Because it’s fun.

Ok, so you’re still asking yourself why you should hire a web designer to add something that, at first glance, doesn’t offer much, if any functionality to your website. For a user, a well-placed Easter egg can help break up the monotony of the average webpage. After all, there’s nothing like seeing something new and unexpected on a page that’s otherwise ordinary, especially if one spends a lot of time on the site.

Hidden Easter eggs also reward a visitor’s sense of curiosity and discovering one such treat can encourage the inquisitive visitor to further explore the website in ways which they’d likely never do otherwise. Easter eggs can also be a fun little detour for a UI designer who’s in the midst of working through a challenging phase. Your coders and designers need a little surprise and humor, too.

How It Maximizes the User Experience

It’s a great way to increase traffic. Your visitors will remember the first time they’ve stumbled on a hidden Easter egg on your website. Chances are they’ll also remember your website and come back for repeat visits.

The entertainment value alone is worth it. Easter eggs give your visitors an opportunity to have a little fun and interact with your site and brand on a different level.

It also serves as a welcome distraction. For instance, a clever 404 page can help take some of the sting out of the disappointment of not finding what they want.

It doesn’t take away from the central experience. An Easter egg is not an Easter egg if it’s out in plain view where users can easily be distracted from the overall website itself. This feature’s hidden nature means that it won’t become the central focus of your online assets.

It can easily enhance your brand. Designing quirky and enjoyable Easter eggs for your website can help set your site and brand apart. Think of it as a bonding experience with your visitors, many who’ll appreciate the warm and personal touch such an experience offers. It also helps users create stronger and longer-lasting ties with the brand.

Easter Egg Examples

The popular video site YouTube has a couple of quick examples. Typing “use the force Luke” into the search bar unearths an unlikely Easter egg, while “Beam me up Scotty” causes the search results to beam in, just like the transporters on Star Trek.

With a UI designer on board to brainstorm a variety of off-the-wall ideas, it’s easy to spice up your website a memorable hidden Easter egg for users to discover. Contact us today to learn more.

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