Effective Mobile Marketing Tools To Inspire Developers

Effective Mobile Marketing Tools

More than one third of internet usage in the U.S. in conducted on a mobile device, according to SteamFeed.

Effective Mobile Marketing Tools To Inspire Developers This means that mobile developers must now embrace mobile marketing tools, if they haven’t already. With the now ubiquitous utilization of mobile devices, mobile developers can take full advantage of this exploding trend by using one or more of the following effective mobile marketing tools.

Mobile Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective methods to target prospective customers or stay in touch with existing customers, and mobile email marketing is no different. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help developers mobile-enable email marketing. A popular tool is MailChimp, which provides mobile-friendly newsletter templates so your email marketing campaign looks great when users read it on their smartphone or iPad. It also includes mobile features like tweeting stats about you and subscriber list management. MailChimp’s free plan applies to up to 12,000 monthly emails and 2,000 subscribers, making it a great option for creative staffing freelancers or small businesses.

Mobile Texting

A mobility survey conducted by TIME magazine in conjunction with Qualcomm of 4,700 people online revealed that 32 percent of respondents would prefer to text rather than talk, if given the chance for one versus the other. To take advantage of this texting preference, tools like TextUs.Biz and ExTexting enable businesses and mobile developers to send text messages to customers or clients. They are particularly helpful for routine requests, such as reservations or appointment changes or answering questions about services and costs. In addition, text messages have high read rates — 97 percent will read a text message within 15 minutes according to Nielsen Mobile — making them cost effective.

Mobile Loyalty Programs

There has always been great value in customer loyalty programs as an undeniably effective method of attracting and retaining customers — and bolstering sales. But they are even more useful to developers now that mobile devices can be integrated into loyalty programs. Mobile functionality makes it incredibly easy for customers to join and use a loyalty program, as companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Sephora have found . One such tool, Swipely, helps to reward repeat customers by working seamlessly with the customer’s already owned debit or credit card. There is no need for an extra keychain or wallet card. Businesses can also target customers with discounts and deals based upon their recent purchases.

Customized Customer Mobile Correspondence

If you want to stand out in your digital correspondence from your competitors, customization is key. Sending customized thank you notes, invitations, discount announcements, branded and logo-embedded letterheads to mobile customers gives the “wow” factor that makes an impression. While RedStamp has many personal applications, its business features, like its “Create Your Own Collection” helps it to really shine from a business mobile marketing perspective.

The mobile device usage trend isn’t showing signs of slowing anytime soon. Talented mobile developers interested in taking full advantage of this growing trend, while also honing their craft and marketing their creative staffing services, will find Artisan Talent’s platform to be a fantastic resource to do just that.

Elizabeth M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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