The ABC’s of Employee Retention

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Having trouble with employee retention? The organizational structure of many of today’s fastest growing companies are moving away from a customer-centric paradigm toward an employee-centric model. When established business models shift, many managers find the reshuffling of the old rules to be discontenting as they frantically readjust existing work policies. For these managers, it is essential to remember that an employee-centric company is not something to be afraid of, but rather something to fully embrace. Studies have shown companies which adopt an employee-focused organizational structure have happier and more productive employees than those companies who have stuck with traditional models.

Fully utilizing the new employee-centric approach, requires managers to rethink the ways their company does business. The ABC’s of succeeding in the new employee-centric economy offers simple techniques which will help management to begin to realize that an employee-centric economy is not so scary after all.

The ABC’s of Employee-centric Businesses

Appreciate your employees. When employees do outstanding work, make sure they know their contribution is noticed and appreciated by the company. Recognition gives employees pride and true sense they are making a difference to the future of the business.

Be clear when defining tasks and objectives. When management provides clear objectives and business goals, employees are much more likely to happily complete task successfully. Sharing the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of assignments with employees helps to establish trust and feelings of camaraderie and collaboration throughout your organization.

Communication is key. A free-flowing and instant exchange of information is essential in today’s business environment. Utilizing instant messaging and emails to share timely information and ideas is a wonderful way to develop transparency and team building within a business.

When companies follow the ABC’s of the new employee-centric economy, they will begin to experience the benefits this approach offers. Need help navigating this new market place or tips on fixing your employee retention rates? Contact us today and learn how to build a better business with Artisan Talent.

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