Essential skills to include on your resume

If you’ve done your homework on all of the various in existence methods of improving your resume, you’re no doubt well aware of the importance of listing out your skills – all the better for a hiring manager or human resources specialist to get an idea of what you’ll bring to their company in a single glance.

Phrases like “strong attention to detail,” “enthusiastic team player” and “highly motivated and energetic self-starter” are often bandied about by job seekers. While these are great, they’re also viewed as generic skills. What you should be focusing on instead are hard skills that demonstrate to a potential employer the quantifiable skills you’ll bring to the job. Here are some exmples of the kinds of skills employers these days are looking for on resumes.

  • Microsoft Excel. Use caution here and don’t assign yourself some arbitrary level of expertise unless you can actually prove you’re “intermediate” or “advanced.” Excel is an immensely complex program used for tracking information and creating spreadsheets, and the more expertise you have with it, the better.
  • Social media marketing. Remember, having your own Facebook page and being adept at posting cat memes doesn’t qualify you as a social marketing guru. But if you have ever administrated a professional social media platform and have a working knowledge of studying performance analytics, be sure to include this on your resume as a skill.
  • Bilingual abilities. Just because the job you’re going for may not require you to use a foreign language doesn’t mean it’s not crucial to note if you have a grasp of more than one language. Employees who are bilingual are viewed as much more valuable to companies and noting this skill could flag you as a potential candidate for future advancement straight from the get-go.
  • Java, HTML and SQL. Being bilingual in technical languages is another bonus that will make your resume a standout, even if you’re not applying for a job as a web development specialist.
  • Graphic design skills. Even if you’re not applying for a graphic design job, having additional graphic abilities can help you land a job based solely on the strength of a display of versatility of capabilities.
  • Blogging experience. Companies are always interested in candidates with excellent written communication, and no better way exists than to point an employer to an existing blog of your own creation.
  • Agile methodologies in software development. Growing numbers of companies are abandoning traditional software development methods and embracing agile as the solution to fostering increased levels of collaboration. Including this in your resume shows them you are already ahead of the curve.
  • Mobile app development. The vast majority of companies out there are interested in exploring mobile app solutions to broaden their visibility and better serve their customers. Displaying a know-how in this area will be sure to bring you to the attention of a hiring manager who may be looking for a candidate with bonus skills that can be put to use.

Getting your resume right can be the difference between landing the job of your dreams and being passed over. To brush up on your job hunting skills, or to learn how Artisan Talent can help you discover freelance employment opportunities, contact us today to learn more.

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