Feeding the Hunter-Gatherer: Why People Love Reading Curated Content

Why People Love Reading Curated Content

Feeding the Hunter-Gatherer Why People Love Reading Curated Content A new trend is making many online marketers very happy: people love reading curated content. Blogging online has just become easier. Feeding the hunter-gatherer takes patience, awareness, and intuition. Put out the tidbits they love and yes, if you filter it, they will come.

The use of curated content is important to all persons involved in website content creation and blogging online. Talented writers, graphic designers, web specialists and clients all need to understand the how, what and why of curated content usage. Saving time, money, energy and being efficient are the top reasons most people would come up with as answers.

Why People Love Curated Content

Another aspect of curated content use is to understand what your readers love to read and why. Many people are browser-happy. Compare them to hunter-gatherers. The hunter-gatherer constantly seeks out, in this instant, information of a particular type. If you can provide them with an ongoing source of that information, you will have a visitor who is happy to return to your website repeatedly over time. In some cases, they will eventually only visit your website, because your content is so filling and satisfying. They just do not need to look elsewhere. At that point, you have created a “raving fan” of your website, a loyalist.

Encourage Sharing

The beauty of curated content is that you can assemble a treasure chest of related information quickly and inexpensively. Displaying digital content on your website that has been created by others is a fast way to build a sort of library of information for your visitors to enjoy. You can use it to generate additional traffic to your website, as your loyalists inform their friends and family about your website and your amazing content. You may be able to exchange backlinks with other website owners, and your visitors can also be encouraged to “share” a link to your website with their friends.

Referrals are Marketing Gold

It is another new trend that obtaining referrals from friends or family is a highly effective way to market your website and online information. Sharing is the newest keyword in marketing. Get visitors to share anything about your website, and chances are good that you will reap rewards in the form of new visitors they have recruited for you. As the hunter-gathers feast at your website, they may also drop link seeds elsewhere to encourage others to join your party.

Using Curated Content

You can generate curated content by including RSS feeds, twitter links, Facebook links, content copied from other websites, video clips, images and other content on your own website. It is best to find a highly qualified website designer, writer and other talent to ensure that the quality and organization of your website is what you want it to be. There are tricks of the trade these insiders know that can help bring you the best results from your website promotional activity.

If you have a website in need of content, or you are blogging online and want to increase your visitor counts, call in experts to help you create a content feast for those visitors. Finding content is the job of an experienced web designer or writer; using that content effectively lands in the laps of the website designers and creators. You should discover that feeding the hunter-gatherers online is an effort well worth the time and energy.

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