Finding Your Rhythm: Is There Such a Thing as Good or Bad Timing When Searching for Work?

Searching for Work?

Some people can find work any time of the day. Some people can work around a flexible, adaptable schedule and seize an opportunity whenever it pops up. Some people only sleep two hours a night and spend the rest of the time searching for employment on the web. Maybe you shouldn’t even bother trying to keep up with those people, but when it comes to finding the creative staffing jobs you want, you may want to consider the art of timing.

The only rule when it comes to seizing an opportunity for work is to jump on the job right away. The quicker you act, the more likely you are to be chosen. Outside of that, it’s more a matter of figuring out your own schedule.

Because here’s the thing: if you’re not feeling up to sending a great response to your prospective client, then your boring email is going to be ignored or overlooked or it’s just plain not going to resonate.

What really gets you the job is confidence. When you’re feeling confident, it really tends to radiate through the emails and messages that you send. When you’re “feeling it,” you proudly proclaim yourself to be an expert with six years of hands-on professional experience, and here are three great samples that match what the client’s after.

When you’re not feeling it, that shines through, too. When you write your email thinking “I’m probably not going to get this gig,” when you write it thinking that someone else out there is probably more suited to the work, that shows.

Those of us who are best at landing work through creative staffing boards and agencies are the ones who can fake it when we’re not feeling it. You can develop an ability to always come across as confident if you reread your successful and unsuccessful responses to job listings and note the differences between the two, and learn to only write the former. You won’t land every job posting you answer, but you’ll probably start to get more jobs immediately by simply following after your own patterns of success.

Alternately, you can make sure that you only answer job listings when you are feeling it. If you’re just not up to it until you’ve had a shower and a cup of coffee, then wait until you’ve had a shower and a cup of coffee to check your emails. If you prefer to spend the morning doing your work and the afternoons searching for more clients while having lunch, then do that.

In short, there are really two ways around the art of timing: you can either wait until you’re feeling truly confident and capable to answer job listings, or you can learn how to fake your confidence so that you can reply to every job listing as soon as it’s posted. Either way, you’ll probably see your client list growing immediately once you start to only send out confident and direct job queries.

Gilbert S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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