Healthy Work: Fitness at the Office

Fitness at the Office

Fitness at the Office

We’ve all heard sitting is the new smoking, but if you NEED to be in the office and at a computer to do your job, what are you supposed to do?

According to Forbes, a survey by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, nearly 50% of adults in the U.S. admit that they don’t engage in the suggested 30 minutes, five days a week of moderate physical activity or the suggested 20 minutes, three times a week of vigorous activity. In short, about half of Americans don’t get the physical exercise they need.

If that’s you don’t panic, there are easy ways to add a little fitness at the office and into your day and make going to work a touch healthier. With the weather getting warmer for Spring, now is the perfect time to “Spring into Fitness!” Not only will it make you healthier and happier, but Pop Sugar says it will make you more creative too. So the next time your energy level wanes or you’re experiencing writer’s block, get up and make a move. Here are four easy ways to do so.

1. Stand Up at Your Desk

“The modern workplace was built around the concept of sitting, but humans’ ability to stand goes back millions of years.” Buck the trend of the office era with a standing desk — or, if that’s too radical, a sit-stand workstation suggests Time Magazine. While treadmill desks are a popular suggestion as well, they’re not very practical. Opt instead for a convertible desk that lets you sit or stand like Veridesk. It’s there for a standing break when you need it, but simple enough to click back into sitting mode. According to research out of the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, “sit-stand workstations helped workers replace 25 percent of their sitting time with standing up, which can increase their sense of well being and decreased their fatigue and appetite” said Time.

2. Workout in Your Cubicle

Stuck at your desk? Try the simple warm up exercises shown at the top…all of which you can do while you’re watching that webinar or waiting your turn on a conference call. You can also stash circular resistance bands in your drawer to use as well. Stretching exercises are natural for the desk bound says WebMD.

3. Swap Out Your Chair

Active sitting is a buzzword we’re hearing more and more. If your Office Manager is game, try using a stability ball chair instead of a traditional one. Can’t ditch the classic office chair? Try a balance disc that let’s you work your abs from the chair of your choice. “The Balance Disc engages your core muscles while sitting and can also be used for strengthening exercises in or out of your chair. By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can adapt it to your fitness needs and sitting comfort” says Gaiam.

4. Hold Walking Meetings

If you’re just catching up with a colleague or have a simple phone call, take it to go. Walk around the building, in a park nearby, or even pace in your office. Every bit helps.  Stepping away from your desk for a walk can aid in digestion, help you de-stress, and even burn a few calories says Pop Sugar. “Now, recent research has found that there’s another important reason to get up and move — and your boss will love it. Going for a short walk makes you more creative and productive.” So stash those walking shoes under your desk for a daily walk.

Other simple tips to make your work day a bit healthier? Take the stairs instead of the elevator, get up from your desk and go find your co-workers instead of e-mailing them, print to the far printer, or park in the farthest part of the lot. Have other ideas for fitness at the office?  Tweet your tips to @ArtisanTalent.


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