“New Kid” on the Job: Fitting In as a Temporary Employee

Fitting In as a Temporary Employee

There are many reasons to love temporary job assignments. Some find that moving from job to job every few weeks or months suits their temperament. The opportunities for learning, adapting and growing in different environments allows you to cultivate flexibility and adaptability, two skills that are increasingly in demand. Learning is accelerated due to your varied assignments. You’re exposed to more ideas, technologies and methods than your stationary counterparts within the same industry.

Still, there are challenges to being temporary staff. Namely, you are the perpetual new employee.

Fitting In as a Temporary Employee

When people see you as a transient figure in their work environment, they are inclined to exclude you. This isn’t personal, but sometimes it’s awkward and lonely. Some employees may find your presence threatening. There may be times you feel like a new kid showing up to class halfway through the school year.

Aside from giving your best in every work environment, no matter how long your assignment, there are strategies for integrating smoothly into your temporary workplace and enjoying your time at each assignment.

Some Do’s And Don’ts For Temporary Staff

  • Be mindful of company culture. This is one of the challenges and rewards of temp work. You will be exposed to different ways of dressing, behaving and interacting from one workplace to the next — sometimes drastically different. This is an opportunity to practice your ability to “go with the flow.”
  • Be friendly and approachable, but don’t try too hard. It’s tempting to try and win people over, but if you come on too strong, it might backfire. Be warm and receptive and people will respond to that.
  • Avoid any gossip and office drama at all costs.
  • Avoid discussing other companies you have worked for, as well as the people in them.
  • Don’t compare workplaces. You don’t want to catch yourself saying “Well at the last place I worked, we did it this way.”
  •  It’s a good idea to avoid adding everyone you meet to your social media network. If you want to keep in touch with people you meet while in a temporary assignment, get their email, phone number or business card.
  • Being a temp makes it difficult to develop consistent “work buddies.” One solution is to get connected with your fellow temps. Are there meetups or other networking events you can participate in? The best work friends are those that can fully appreciate the unique challenges that temporary employees sometimes face.
  • Finally, cultivate good working relationships with your staffing agency. They are your partners and colleagues, and are your greatest allies and cheerleaders.

Partnering with a staffing agency that provides high levels of support and works with amazing companies can make all the difference in your career. Contact Artisan Talent today to learn more.

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