Freelance Creative Directors Must be More than Creative

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There are two kinds of creative people in the world: those who play well with others and those who don’t. The latter may have talent coming out of their ears and the ability to create jaw-dropping deliverables– but without the kind of cooperation that translates well to a professional environment, it’s a talent that no one wants to work with. On the other hand, a Designer who has command of his or her people skills can make one heck of a living as a freelance Creative Director.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that just anyone with a penchant for creating beautiful campaigns and the ability to communicate well can strut their way to a Fortune 500 company or top digital agency and pull off the kinds of killer marketing campaigns that freelance Creative Directors are hired to orchestrate. A buildup of specific skills is also required. By far, the most important are brand development skills.


Being a Creative Director isn’t just about being, well, creative. There’s more to it than being able to communicate your visions to multiple teams of people. It’s also about understanding brands and markets, and what makes consumers view a company in a certain light. In other words, a Creative Director is an artist who understands their audience and knows what they will respond to. The successful ones are also those who can listen to their peers, consider new ideas and effectively collaborate.

There are numerous freelance and long-term Creative Director opportunities available out there in both digital and print – it’s just a matter of knowing where to find them. By working with a creative staffing service like Artisan, you’ll be put in touch with companies seeking out only the most qualified and capable talent in the country.


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