Generating Word of Mouth

Generating Word of MouthGenerating word of mouth marketing is part of an overall interactive marketing strategy that you can achieve through creative marketing. Going viral with your content is the goal; getting people excited about your content is the trigger that can start up the action you desire.

You have probably heard of viral content that generates unbelievable numbers of hits. One example is that of a song produced by Rebecca Black, about “Friday.” Gaining over 300 million views, it was the top viral video of 2011, despite the fact that most people hated the song. With this type of potential visibility, you can imagine the result if a product or idea is liked; the sales figures could be astronomical.

Creative Marketing

No matter how creative you believe you are, there is great benefit to doing your research about current trends and popular topics. Data is your friend, and you can use it liberally to enhance your creative marketing. Creativity is the spark that can ignite the virtual sharing fire in readers. When they are captivated by your work, they naturally want to share their treasure find with others in their social network. The word spreads and your content shines enough that many others will want to share it or at least post a link back to your website.

Interactive Marketing Strategy

Triggers are highly important to your interactive marketing strategy. Without triggers, sharing is not likely to occur, or to occur as much as possible. Triggers are part of the science behind social influence. Find the right triggers, and your content will rise to the top of the search ladder. The better your position, the more likely your content will be viewed and viewed by many.

Triggers and Word of Mouth

Triggers are the secret behind generating word of mouth marketing and gaining the viral capacity you seek. Use the right triggers and the world will beat a path to your content, no matter where it is shared. Before you know it, you could see millions of hits worldwide.

Examples of Triggers:

  • Background music can generate sales. Example: French music in the grocery sells French wine, German music sells German wine.
  • Voting in a school encourages yes votes to increase school millage.

Simple Goals for Maximum Results

The simple goal for generating word of mouth marketing is to get maximum results, that is, high viewership and impact. Many times, this is documented by increased sales. This is one reason why retailers love it when their product goes viral; sales skyrocket. Creating contagious content is possible when you take time to do your research and find the triggers that will impact viewers and cause them to want to share your product or idea with others in their social networks.

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