5 Reasons to Use a Digital and Creative Staffing Agency to Find Your Next Employee

5 Reasons to use a recruiter creative staffing agency to find employees

Do You Want to Make Hiring Easier?

Is it time to deconstruct the leaning tower of ancient software manuals and dust off the desk for that web guru or graphic designer you’ve always wished you could hire? Of course it it! But the ad posting, interviews, background checks…you don’t want to spend all that time and money on someone who might not be The One. There are a lot of highly talented, honest, hard-working professionals out there who would make that vacant cubicle a hub of awesomeness for your company—but where? What you need is a digital and creative staffing agency to do the matchmaking for you.

5 Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency:

You get access to a higher-quality talent pool

At Artisan, we only work with the top talent in the country. Our designers, writers, presentation specialists, etc. have amazing portfolios and credentials. But that’s not all—as LinkedIn notes, some of the best candidates are “passive” and not actively combing help wanted ads. The best staffing agencies have long-standing relationships with their talent. No matter where they are in their careers, Artisan can contact these “hidden gem” candidates for you.

The background checks are done

All of our talented professionals have had a full background check. We vet and stand behind the talent we work with, and we only work with the best. We know them, we’ve interviewed them, we’ve seen their work and gotten feedback from their previous jobs. How’s that for saving you some headaches?

A great cost/benefit ratio

According to the Wall Street Journal, companies are taking nearly a month to find new employees that fit their needs—and as you know, time=money. Companies are nervous about the talent, they’re still sketchy about the economy and they just want to know they’re getting the best talent for their money. You can save a lot of time and resources by relying on an agency. They can find you a pool of qualified, vetted candidates from the get go because of their deep networks with active and passive candidates.

The right hire for the right reasons

The best matches in the employment world are those where both the needs of the client and the needs of the talent are closely synchronized. Our clients can customize their talent search to designate what skills and experience they need, whether the position is temporary, part-time or full-time, and the salary range. At the same time, our talent pool is able to look through opportunities that fit their needs too. We are always looking for the win-win.

The right match can hit the ground running

Sure, there’s always a learning curve whenever a new hire comes on board. But a digital and creative staffing agency can find you candidates with qualifications and talents that enable them to take the steps two at a time instead of getting stuck looking confused on the mezzanine.

Hire the Right Employee Now: Get Started

Does your company need a brilliant match to light your company strategy? Let’s talk today. Whether you’re hiring freelancers for a particular project or full time employees to join your team. Artisan represents only the most talented and experienced professionals in a variety of interactive, digital, marketing, and creative fields. Contact us today.

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