Hanging Out Was Never This Profitable (Google Hangouts for Your Business)

Hanging Out Was Never This Profitable Google Hangouts for Your Business As social media has continued to evolve, more businesses have learned to use it to promote their brand. One of the newcomers to the field of social media is Google Plus. Although Google Plus hasn’t overtaken Facebook yet, it does have some clear advantages for companies hoping to build relationships with consumers. One such advantage is Google Hangouts.

About Google Hangouts

Unlike Facebook, which only allows one-on-one video conversations, Google Hangouts can accommodate up to 15 people at one time. In addition, you can open the conversation to an unlimited number of viewers who can watch the conversation but won’t be able to participate in it. It also allows you to save a copy of your conversation, which can be uploaded to YouTube for others to see.

Benefits of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be helpful to your business in many ways. If you have employees working together on a project, for example, they can use Google Hangouts to collaborate face-to-face when they aren’t at the office. Google Hangouts can also help you to connect coworkers from different offices who aren’t likely to meet in person.

Perhaps the most exciting prospect for Google Hangouts is its ability to connect businesses to their consumer base. Building relationships with consumers is a powerful marketing tool, and Google Hangouts can bring these relationships to a whole new level. With Google Hangouts, your company can conduct face-to-face meetings with consumers about a new product or promotion, facilitate open discussions about the company’s products, services or reputation and even hold informational sessions where consumers can learn something useful.

For example, if you own a scrapbooking supply store, you can use Google Hangouts to provide consumers with scrapbooking tutorials. Likewise, if you are a veterinarian, you could use a Google Hangout to teach clients about proper animal care or recognizing the signs of illness. Furthermore, because all of these conversations can be saved to YouTube, consumers can look back at the meeting as many times as they like, and others can benefit from it as well.

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