How To: Hire the Perfect Information Architect

How to hire an Information Architect

Unlike some decades ago, when experts looked for an Information Architect job, they could dazzle clients and employers with “techspeak.” Today, companies now have and can gather good basic information to help them ask the right questions and better evaluate resumes. Here’s what YOU need to know to hire the perfect Information Architect.

Think like an Information Architect Candidate

An Information Architect using a good resume service will provide you with data to select the pool of candidates you might want to interview. Effective resume tips for information architects typically include recommendations that they list:

  • Accomplishments in planning, design, and implementation of superior information architecture.
  • Major projects and web development jobs that have been completed and if they finished on time/budget?
  • New processes, techniques, procedures, and implementation strategies the Information Architect has developed.
  • Ways they increased income, controlled or lowered costs, or improved operations through their efforts.
  • Achievements in staff management, including the number and level of employees the candidate supervised.

Use these tips to your advantage just as the Information Architect uses them for their candidacy. Which resumes spark your interest to learn more? Which information motivates you to see their Information Architect portfolios at job interviews? Those Information Architect candidates that appear to have a) the background, and b) expertise you want will form your interviewing pool. Want to skip this step? Let Artisan Talent help. Sign up here and skip right to the interview process.

Ask the Right Interview Questions

Once you’ve found a pool of talent to interview, here are some common questions to ask along with concerns and preferences you might want to discover:

1. How does the candidate use information architecture to address client requirements, goals, objectives, and user preferences?

Companies hire experts for the same reasons, regardless of the type of need. For example, if the company financials need improvement, they’ll hire new finance or accounting professional. The same motivation applies to hiring Information Architects.

2. How can you find and design content that validates the integrity of the company and improves the business brand?

Clients want to learn about Information Architects who can design visually pleasing websites while permitting users and customers to navigate easily and quickly. Be sure your potential Information Architect expresses their thought process and techniques to develop websites that are user-friendly and brand strengthening.

3. How can you use your information architecture expertise to interface with others to create a superior web design?

Many web design jobs are collaborative efforts. Unlike one-person assignments, you’ll need a bit of ego-suppression and a lot of team player mentality. A successful collaboration requires all players to contribute and work together to produce a winning finished product.

Hire the RIGHT Information Architect for You

You KNOW what result you want. Find someone that gives you confidence and will fit well with the rest of your company. If that sounds like a lot to take on, let us help.

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