How Creative Mornings Brings Local Design Communities Together

How CreativeMornings Brings Local Design Communities Together CreativeMornings is a unique and innovate group that serves to empower and educate individuals working within creative fields by offering up regular lectures on topics of use to them in their businesses.

CreativeMornings lectures are live, hosted events that take place in cities around the world. They represent a gathering point for creative types who want to network with one another, and learn from expert speakers. Indeed, all of the speakers who present for CreativeMornings are highly accomplished, engaging, and dedicated to staying on the cutting edge in their fields. (1)

One example of a much-praised CreativeMornings gathering occurred on May 24 in Washington DC and featured Claire Brown. This particular lecture focused on the value of looking to the past for inspiration when it comes to engaging in any sort of creative pursuit. (2)

The lecture made it clear to attendees that when presented in the right way, history can easily be made relevant in the present day, and it can serve as a powerful tool when it comes to engaging and motivating an audience. (2)


To see that this is indeed the case, one need to look no further than Apple’s famous “Crazy Ones” ad spot from the late 1990’s.

In the commercial Apple highlighted the value of thinking outside the box by noting the important role that great innovators had played throughout history. They then leveraged the emotional power of the ad to great effect by portraying Apple itself as a group of forward thinkers poised to implement change.


Another notable CreativeMornings lecture took place last year at the Rhode Island School of Design. This particular lecture was crucial for those in web design careers, because its focus was on the merger of art and technology.

Local designers got to hear more about how companies like Apple have thrived in recent years because they have managed to present high technology in a way that focuses not only on functionality, but on creating a quality user experience from an artistic standpoint.

The lecture clearly illustrated the fact that in today’s market, the way in which technology is presented matters just as much as how it can be used.

For example, look at the recent download statistics for mobile applications. Although download figures have been going up across all major app stores, Apple boasts an astounding 74% share of total app revenue.

At least part of this impressive share must be attributed to the fact that the company has demonstrated an eye for detail when it comes to both their app store, and the IOS platform as a whole.

They have been able to create products that not only feature the latest technologies, but also offer an aesthetically pleasing experience for their users.

Looking to Hire?

Anyone looking to hire a web designer, or any other creative professional in the tech field would do well to approach someone who had the benefit of attending the CreativeMornings lecture on the relationship between art and technology. The talk truly drove home the importance of both functionality and artistic vision.

Another important item that was discussed in the lecture was the fact that innovative tech companies like Kickstarter are opening up no opportunities for creative professionals who operate on a smaller scale.


Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that allows individuals to raise money for projects they’d like to undertake. The site gives users a place to generate buzz about their projects, and to reward contributors for supporting them.

By demonstrating the power of crowdfunding to attendees pursuing web design careers and other creative pursuits, the CreativeMornings lecture further served to unify and energize local professionals by giving them a new way to share their work with the world.

Every gathering that CreativeMornings hosts offers a chance for talented individuals to learn from one another, gain inspiration, and discover new and unique outlets for implementing their ideas.


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