How Should I Follow Up After an Interview?

Due to the resonating presence of this age-old question, we at Artisan thought we would share what has had the most positive effect in our experience. So, How should you follow up after an interview?

A Thank You

A thank-you note used to be a way to stand out from the pack in a job interview situation. Now it’s expected in many industries, and those who don’t send one stand out in a negative way. Send separate notes to everyone who talked with you during the interview. Besides thanking them, use the opportunity to re-emphasize your skills briefly and ask again to be hired for the job. When considering how to send your note, think about the style of the organization. A very traditional and formal institution might be best thanked in a handwritten note on good stationery. A more businesslike but still old-fashioned organization might welcome a letter of thanks that’s more like a business letter, printed on a laser printer. For companies that are more technical or forward-looking, e-mail has become the best way to convey a thank-you note.

What else?

Whatever your medium, proofread your note before you send it, both for basic writing skills (spelling and grammar) and for tone. If you promised to send any information, such as samples of your work, do so promptly. If you were referred for the interview by someone in your network, be sure to thank him or her as well. For more on how you should follow up after an interview contact Artisan Talent.


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