Making the Most of LinkedIn

Making the Most of LinkedIn When you are searching for employment, it makes sense to use multiple resources online, offline and through personal contacts. LinkedIn is a resource that can work for you 24/7 non-stop once you’ve established a good profile, defined your search criteria, and contacts, and information gathering techniques.

LinkedIn creates a network of your connections and other individuals who are members of common groups. Your connections and memberships determine the number of groups you will turn up in when people are conducting searches.

Make your LinkedIn profile effective

Your profile is essential to creating the professional relationships you need for job success. When you are searching for employment, it’s best to keep your personal and professional profiles separate. You can employ the Job Search Internet Checklist to ensure that employers view only the information that you want them to find.

Optimize your profile for searching by using keywords that will draw prospective employers to you. Keyword placement can be distributed throughout your profile wherever it’s fitting. But make certain that they occur in your title and summary. That way the most essential portions of your profile will show up in internet searches. LinkedIn has a guide to key word selection that can provide further enlightenment.

Build a lasting relationship

Finding a potential contact is the first step in generating a relationship. Enlarge your network ability by joining several LinkedIn groups. Next use Advanced Search to locate prospective employers. When you create a search you can return selective results by filtering on industry, location, groups and relationship. Building a network of industry peers can help you get the wide reach needed to maximize valuable relationships.

At this point you have created a connection request. Once it’s been accepted your goal is to engage in meaningful communication. Exchanging something of significance can facilitate the process. For example, if you’ve read something valuable you might share that knowledge or a link. Keep track of valuable contact information using Notes and Reminder features. Notes enable you to write and save information exchanged, which will come in handy for follow-ups. Reminder will alert you to get in touch so you don’t overlook maintaining a connection.

Continue your connection offline by engaging in conversation on the telephone or in person.

Make the most of your message

Creating a message directed at each contact individually will gain you the most success. Read their profile and their postings so that your message will be the one they take interest in. Strive to show them how what you do can be of interest to them and get them to welcome your continued communication. To make a solid connection, address your contact by name while using your own. Tell them the reason why you are asking them for a connection.

Today LinkedIn is more of a job search site than a social media site. Its big cash generator is online recruiting, providing 56% of its revenue last quarter. With a current value of approximately $25 billion it is clearly successful. Fortunately for you, you can enjoy LinkedIn in conjunction with all the other online resources at your disposal.

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