How to Save an Awkward Interview

How to Save an Awkward InterviewMost people have experienced their own personal Twilight Zone moments during an interview, the time when the vibes turn awkward, making you want to just exit the room. However, if you let this time pass, and take a slight moment to think, you can recover and save the interview from potential disaster.

Interview Situations That Cause Discomfort

Many situations can crop up that cause you discomfort during your interviews. Being aware of the potential problems is one way to reduce the risk and to help avoid those problems.

  • You were just introduced, but already you forgot the interviewer’s name. Forgetting a name is bad, but broadcasting forgetfulness is worse. Be sure to ask for a business card before you leave. You need a name for a thank-you note.
  • You fall into an awkward silence. Some interviewers do this on purpose to try to throw you off or to see how you react under pressure. They may do things like stopping to take notes or just staring intensely at you while you are trying to answer. They may be searching for non-verbal clues, so try not to get flustered or show you are nervous, because that may look like you are faking answers or lack certain knowledge. Just stay honest and focused on the questions at hand.
  • Interruptions during the interview can throw you off track. If you are taking notes, you can quickly get back to your point. The interviewer may also lose track of the conversation, disorganizing the interview.

Job Interview Techniques

There are several job interview techniques to use that can help you avoid awkward problems entirely.

  • Ask for the interviewer’s name if you don’t know it. Greet the interviewer by name. Ask for a business card when you leave.
  • Advance preparation, research and rehearsal can help you get past any uncomfortable silent periods. You can have simple questions ready to fill the void or just ask the interviewer if there are any additional questions.
  • Your ability to focus on the flow of the interview will also help you stay on track, no matter what happens. End an awkward moment by speaking about your qualifications, but keep it interesting to avoid looking nervous. Your input can help bring the interview back on track, despite any type of interruption.

Being prepared is always the best technique and shows your professionalism at the same time. We have many more interview tips for you at Artisan Talent. Contact us today to learn more.


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