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Software and hardware computer programming development is divided into two functions: the front-end, where users interface the program and the back-end, which is the foundation for the build of any IT program. Back End Developers are coders who work behind the scenes on website functionality so the front end that you view works perfectly. They are the computer programmers that tell the software how to behave. This role stretches across digitized technology and computing, from Android phones to websites to the software that allows you to order concert tickets – and much more. Find help on writing a Back End Developer Job Description with Artisan.

The Back End Web Developer job is all about the minute detail found in software utilities. The Back End Developer is a source code specialist, at the beginning of a customized website design process, and they are crucial to getting your project off the ground. If you surf a website, you will not see the work of this specialist, but you wouldn’t be able to access the website without their work.

Back End Developers usually focus on three things on the web: a server, which houses data, a software application, and a database. This role helps these technologies all function properly together.

The Back End Developer labors over tasks such as creating code that allows users easier navigation between web pages. They are less concerned with the front-end web applications such as setting up an e-commerce page so you can buy things. They create the baseline core computer logic behind a digital presentation, whether it is a website or software package.

Back End Developer Skills Needed

Back End Developers must possess extreme patience, as they write code, test it out, and then write more debugging code. They are logical, organized thinkers, methodical, and mathematical to their core.

Because their job is to create a seamless hand-off to a front-end developer, they must be able to interpret and follow instructions related to the ultimate functionality of an IT-based product. They deliver the programming required to complete the vision of a website designer. And they have an important, but non-visible role in the creative process.

They must be comfortable with technology architecture and how a computer and its software functions. They are deadline driven, organized and understand how people view and understand content on the front-end. The Back End Developer lives in the world of bites and bits, writing screens of codes that the average viewer simply wouldn’t understand.

The Back End Developer appreciates the logic of computers and find their systematic attention to detail appealing.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The Back End Developer must be an expert programmer, skilled at computer languages such as HTML, C+++, C#, PHP, Python and Java. They must understand:

  • Model-view-controller architecture, which is a software pattern for creating computerized user interfaces.
  • Command-line interface (CLI) is the code that allows the Back End Designer to tell the computer what to do.
  • CSS or Cascading Style Sheets allows for visual styling of basic code like HTML.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) that creates graphics icons and visual cues allowing the user of an IT package to interact with the program.
  • Unix is a whole suite of products that promote multitasking in computer language and operations.

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