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The title “Digital Marketing Manager” is a new one, although the skills needed to do the job are as old as the internet. That’s because digital marketing managers take charge of a company’s online promotional efforts. If it’s digital, these marketing managers know it, love it, and have mastered it to the nth gigabyte.

That makes these Marketing Managers very, very valuable; at least until the Internet breaks.

Depending on the size of the company, the Digital Marketing Manager may work alone or with a team. These professionals are tasked with developing an online strategy for promoting a business, product, or service to an audience of consumers.

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of online promotional channels, including:

  • Content
    Content is anything written online, such as blogs, white papers or ebooks, case studies, lists, or other text. But it could also be advertising, video or podcasts, webinars, infographics, memes, and more. While they may have other staffers draft some of this content, the Digital Marketing Manager knows what online channels will highlight the work to reap the maximum ROI.
  • Email
    We use email every day as a communication tool. The digital marketing manager knows how to create concise, yet compelling emails that snag the attention of an online target audience.
  • Mobile
    Digital Marketing Managers try to stay ahead of the latest mobile technology and can spot trends faster than you can say “5G.” Digital Marketing Managers understand the latest techniques for responsive web design and know when Google will adjust their search algorithms toward a mobile-first strategy – and respond appropriately.
  • SEO
    Search engine optimization is a complex subspecialty area of the Digital Marketing Manager. SEO changes frequently but is absolutely crucial for keeping a website noticed online. Staying on top of what works (today) is a job onto itself.
  • Social Media
    Digital Marketing Managers specialize in helping a brand rise above the social noise – which is considerable. Knowing which social channels to use and what to promote is all in a day’s work for a Digital Marketing Manager.

The Digital Marketing Manager is both a jack of all (digital) trades and a master of one (the Internet). They are online constantly and honing their expertise, not only the digital environment itself but also the tools needed to monitor it. 

Digital Marketing Manager Skills Needed

Digital Marketing Managers have a diverse array of skills in their portfolio. The best-performing ones have the following skills.

They are…

  • Analytical
    The Digital Marketing Manager must know how to use the latest in digital business analytics tools. These web geeks must use the latest web-based tools to measure and optimize digital marketing campaigns.
  • Communicative
    Not only do Digital Marketing Managers have to be able to communicate their vision and strategy to staff or other stakeholders in an organization, they may have to do a little client wrangling, depending on the role. That’s why they must have solid written and verbal communication skills. They also must be savvy communicators across the digital stream. When communicating with an audience, the messaging must be tailored to fit them exactly, or the voice of the brand simply won’t be heard.
  • Creative
    Increasingly, to get any content on the web noticed, creative outside-the-box strategies must be applied. The Digital Marketing Manager must be creative in their approaches to digital campaigns, both in messaging and in the delivery mechanism. These approaches must never be trite, but always fresh, clever, and agile.
  • Empathic
    Developing a targeted audience persona requires the Digital Marketing Manager to put themselves in the place of that consumer in order to determine what voice, channel, and message will resonate.
  • Leadership
    This talented professional is at the helm of successful digital marketing plans designed to drive consumer response. You better believe that they need strong leadership skills to pull these campaigns off successfully. The Digital Marketing Manager is a strong brand influencer and business growth leader.
  • Organized
    Digital Marketing Managers should be able to track the implementation of the plans they’ve developed. The good news is there is a plethora of online software designed to help them accomplish this task.
  • Strategic
    The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for developing the strategy behind the marketing effort. They must understand analytics as a tool to create actionable insight – and then must respond accordingly. Because the Internet happens constantly, this marketing professional must be prepared to shift course and respond to anything that happens in this fast-paced and sometimes-volatile environment.

Digital Marketing Managers must plan, execute, analyze, and readjust to optimize the fickle mediums that fall within our online presence. Their job is challenging and as ever changing and the Internet itself.

Suggested Software Proficiency for Digital Marketers

As a professional, the Manager should be proficient in all variety of online software programs from business analytics to the typical programs used by a creative department or agency, including graphic design programs, online market research, integrated marketing software, client billing systems and project management software.

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