Job Description Digital Strategist

DiDigital Strategists understand all of the digital touch points that a consumer interacts with every day. A digital strategist job description includes: Online marketing strategists create strategic advertising, communications, and marketing campaigns that use these touch points to their fullest effect, building a brand image across the digital space.

Understanding how these pieces can come together is the true role of these experts. Determining how consumers use the Internet and what devices they utilize is a big part of this role. Then figuring out how to link all of these pieces together in a cohesive, coordinated process is the job of the Digital Strategist. While they may not be able to create the website HTML, online marketing strategists fully understand social media, content strategy, mobile technology, retail in-store – and more.

Consider online marketing strategists as customer relationship managers vital to building any business or organization. They are true integrators and amplifiers of content strategy across the digital marketplace, surrounding the consumer with your 360-degree brand message.

Digital Strategist Skills Needed

The Digital Strategist must have wide knowledge of digital and other content delivery platforms. They excel at out-of-the-box thinking and are creative yet methodical in their approach at reaching specific market targets by using different digital mediums. The Strategists understand people and how they interact with digital media. They know what’s hot in the digital world before anyone else does and they closely follow trends related to how consumers are accessing information.

Digital Strategists often work with business teams to collaborate on marketing campaigns across all media outlets. They are interactive media pros, tactical in their approach to building brands and lengthening the customer loyalty cycle.

Digital Strategists are skilled at brainstorming, deadline driven, organized and detail obsessed. They have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Suggested Software Proficiency

The more tools a Digital Strategist has, the better. While they don’t need to actually create a graphic design, they should understand the elements of design. They should be savvy web and social media navigators, so cloud knowledge is important. The Digital Strategist should have at least a novice skill level with:

  • The Adobe suite
  • The Microsoft suite
  • Research and analytical tools
  • Online social media

Generally, in terms of software, the Digital Strategist should be a jack-of-all-trades – and a master of a few.

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