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roofreadersIf you want to drive an Editor/Proofreader to distraction, fill your content with typos, wordiness and corporate jargon.

It’s often assumed that these two roles are the same. And, in fact, the skills required are similar. However, a Proofreader searches your content for misspellings of words and punctuation inaccuracies while an Editor seeks to improve content by improving its flow and readability.

Can you find a resource that has the soul of a content writer with the ‘nitpickiness’ of a proofreader? Absolutely! But depending on the type and volume of work, you may also need specialists in each area.

The Editor/Proofreader works with content writers to improve their performance. The content writers could be freelance or internal marketing teams, division heads or even your CEO. The content could stretch across digital mediums, or on paper, and it could encompass anything from a press release or blog to ad copy, a white paper, or a book.

An Editor/Proofreader reviews content to make certain it is error free, clean, and concise. Their job is to make your business look smart while effectively communicating a particular message via the written word.

Skills Needed

There are four primary qualities needed for an Editor/Proofreader:

  • Reading comprehension
  • English (or other language) skills
  • Attention to detail
  • People skills

Editor/Proofreaders read and review content, so their ability to comprehend the written word must be exceptional. They understand the rules of grammar and punctuation and are meticulous with a keen eye for the smallest details.

Proofreaders are inter-departmental collaborators and work well under multiple deadlines. They are skilled listeners who can tactfully communicate errors, all the way up to the c-suite.

If content is King in the marketing world, then your Editor/Proofreader is actually the real power behind the throne.

If you’re seeking content for your business, the buck stops with your Editor/Proofreader, who will provide an invaluable service: Assuring your content is accurate and well written enough for public consumption.

Suggested Software Proficiency

There is software for writers and proofreaders on the market today. While an Editor/Proofreader is likely to primarily use the Microsoft Office suite, it is also possible they will utilize some of these platforms:

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