Job Description Marketing Resource Manager

A Marketing Resource Manager is the traffic cop for promotions. The job entails oversight of marketing projects within a company to help ensure that the work gets done. The role is jack-of-all-trades, requiring the Marketing Resource Manager to figure out what roadblocks are in the way of project completion. This professional within the marketing infrastructure must have the skills to troubleshoot to clear the road.

A Marketing Resource Manager works to improve the efficiency of the marketing production team while ensuring the content or other marketing activity is completed on time and on or under budget. In an agency setting, the Marketing Resource Manager may also have client-facing contact to help guarantee that the project vision is executed properly on the ground. 

What Does a Marketing Resource Manager Do?

 It’s important to note the difference between marketing resource management software and a Marketing Resource Manager. Marketing Resource Managers may use the software to manage marketing operations, but it’s the human touch in this effort that really means so much. Marketing, like most jobs, must balance the people, workflows, and technology to get the job done. It’s this human element that allows Marketing Resource Managers to excel in the role.

The Marketing Manager’s daily tasks include the oversight of every component of a marketing project, whether website development, content creation, or a promotional event. They work with experts tasked with producing the final marketing product, from graphic designers, copywriters, computer programmers, and project coordinators, to media buyers and the clients themselves.

Skills Needed

If the Marketing Resource Manager helps facilitate the people, workflows, and technology used to produce marketing activities and content, then it stands to reason that they should be skilled in all three areas.

Here are some examples of the skills these professionals must have:

  • People Skills
    • They must stay “tuned in” to the people on the team. Because marketing can be a multifaceted and stressful undertaking, the Marketing Resource Manager must keep their instincts on alert for impactful issues thwarting the team’s ability to complete tasks.
    • They must also spot training issues and correct them, or find ways to cross-train team members in order to improve efficiencies.
    • Finally, they must also serve as the liaison between clients and the production team in order to ensure the efficiency of the undertaking.
  • Workflow Expertise
    • Finding new ways to collaborate with cross-functional teams is important to any marketing project. It’s the job of the Marketing Resource Manager to make it happen.
    • This executive should also be able to spot inefficiencies that can stymie a deliverable.
    • Finding new, creative ways to accomplish tasks is important; thinking outside the box is a crucial skill.
  • Technology Experience
    • These professionals must also know a little bit about a lot of technology. While they don’t need to be gurus in the tech stack that the marketing team is using, they do need to know the functionality of the platform.
    • The Marketing Resource Manager should also keep their finger on the pulse of changes to technologies and make recommendations on new tools that could help teams do more with less effort.
    • Since social media has such a big impact on any marketing project, understanding these platforms is a crucial part of the job.

This marketing professional should focus in general on maximizing marketing and communications resources within an organization.

Some of the more general skills that this position requires include:

  • A patient yet determined demeanor designed to drive projects forward.
  • A “can do” attitude that helps them troubleshoot until the task is complete.
  • Creativity and enthusiasm even in the face of setbacks.
  • Comfort level with diverse working styles and environments, including remote teams.
  • Strategic intelligence and an inquisitive mind.
  • Emotional maturity.
  • Organized, efficient, and methodical.
  • A total geek for multitasking.
  • Expert at brainstorming.
  • Good delegator with even better follow-through.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Self-starter and problem-solver.
  • Great writing skills with precise attention to detail.

The Marketing Resource Manager must be as proficient with managing teams as with managing projects. They are able to see both the big picture and the small details. Generally, this executive is a team player that understands that the power of many is always better than the power of one — that is, unless it’s more efficient for one person to get the job done.

Suggested Software Proficiency

Project management software such as Basecamp or Trello may be important in this role. Marketing Resource Managers should certainly be proficient in Microsoft Office suite, but they may also use more sophisticated tracking mechanisms — marketing resource management software like the Adobe or Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Speaking of Salesforce, they may also use a customer relationship management platform. Certainly, they’ll need some sort of project analytics and marketing tool expertise such as HubSpot or Google Analytics. The software proficiency of the Marketing Resource Manager actually depends on the company the executive works for; each company will have their own preferences.

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